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How Mobile Applications Are Developing Business

How Mobile Applications Are Developing Business

With the advent of the internet came the indulgence of applications that enable better connectivity, render shopping services, and even let you stream live events. We don’t realize how much cell phone applications dominate our daily lives. From Instagram to Amazon,
Best To Do List Apps For IPhone In 2020

Best To Do List Apps For iPhone In 2020

You have a lot of things to take care of starting from home to all the way to your busy day at work, you come across a number of appointments and task you must complete on time. When you have such
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update (Live)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update (Live)

COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Latest information on the geographical distribution of COVID-19 cases globally, updated daily. As the coronavirus spreads globally we track the confirmed cases, deaths, recoveries, cases per million, new cases, new death, critical and active cases.
Coronavirus Impact on Tech Industry

Coronavirus [COVID-19] Impact on Tech Industry

Wuhan is a city with a population of over 1.1 crore people and it’s a major technological hub in China. It’s the hub of producing automobiles, electronics optics and fiber. In fact 230 of the fortune 500 companies have investments in
How to Make Your Computer Faster?

How to Make Your Computer Faster [ Windows 10]

If you are searching for how to make your computer faster for windows 10, this post is for you. As an IT executive many times I face a common question on how to make computer run faster?  Your PC is your
install mcafee antivirus

How to Install McAfee Antivirus Total Protection in Computer?

Are you searching for how to install McAfee antivirus total protection in computer? Then you are in the right place. The antivirus software installation process is a bit different from any other installation. In this post, I’ll show you step by
Cloud Archiving | Data Archiving Solutions

How Cloud Archiving makes Life Easier for IT Administrators

Cloud archiving is the best data storage solution in the twentieth century. If you’re an IT administrator then you’ve probably found yourself banging your head over managing a ton of data. It’s not just data; it’s the sheer volume of data
Pros and Cons of Cell Phones

Pros and Cons of Cell Phones: Will People Stop Using It?

Everybody has to know the pros and cons of cell phones as it is an unavoidable part of our daily life. Understanding the advantage and disadvantage of mobile phone technology may aware us of its use. In today’s article, we focus
What is a graphics card? How do graphics cards work?

What is a graphics card? How do graphics cards work?

What is a graphics card? How do graphics cards work? If this kind of question comes to your mind, this article is important to you. The graphics card will be discussed in detail in today’s article. The word Graphics Card is
Using Google Docs

11 Reasons Why You Must Use Google Docs

Currently, a remarkable number of people using Google Docs for writing. The software used to perform writing tasks in a computer is commonly called word processor software. Google Docs is such a kind of software. After the name change, Google launched