How to Avoid Negative Amazon Valuations

Avoid buyers negative Amazon valuations is essential for your business in Amazon, I explain the keys to get it:

It is very important that you keep your Amazon merchant account as clean as possible, avoid negative reviews and comments from buyers so that these do not affect your sales on Amazon and the performance of your seller account.

If you receive negative ratings you may lose your eligibility to win the buybox and not sell anything.


Use the information you show in the listing to give as detailed information as possible about the article, include all the relevant features and try not to hide information from the client that may result in it receiving the product does not meet your expectations.

You must be very clear and very explicit, do not bore the client with irrelevant data, but do report everything that is important in a very simple way so that it is easy to read.

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This refers to the status of the article, according to the category in which it will be new, as new, very good … and even “unacceptable”.

Keep in mind that the buyer will judge if what you have put in the listing corresponds to what he receives in his house, not what you have bought from your supplier, maybe months ago … any blow in the box, even if minimum, chafing, detached labels, etc. It can give you the feeling that what you have sent does not correspond to what you bought … and we already have a problem!

Be very meticulous and always check that what you send is the same as you promised, in case of doubt, especially if what you sell is not new, it is much more advisable that you lower it to an inferior state, consider it.

The way of shipping and packaging will also influence the state in which the buyer receives the item, keep it in mind.


Amazon gives you the opportunity to show up to 9 photos in the article, USE THEM!

Put pictures of the product in all its different angles, show the most important details, like I told you before, you will not only get the bad out of the product, but do not hide information, if there is something you know.

The clearer the client has what is exactly what he is buying, the less chance there is that when he receives it, he will be disappointed and will value you negatively.


This seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of the negative votes on Amazon are due to sending the wrong item. Especially if what you sell has size, color, model or similar variables make sure you send what you have bought!

Some type of “double check “at the time of preparing the shipment can help you avoid these problems easily.


As I mentioned before, the issue of packaging is essential when it comes to avoiding negatives, your client will not only judge you for the item you have received, but for the service you have provided and in this case, how you have received?

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Here, I would point out an important thing, the packaging has to fulfill its main function which is to protect the product until its destination, well … in my experience I would add something more.

For example, you can put a shirt inside a plastic bag for shipment. The shirt will reach the destination and this of course is not going to break or suffer any damage along the way, even though they threw it to the ground several times during the journey, right?

Well … the client may receive it and this is made a “churro” for example … all pressed against one side of the bag, wrinkled and looking bad.

The shirt is really perfect, clean and new, but … NEGATIVE TO THE SONG!

And if we take that shirt and before putting it in the shipping bag we put it in another transparent bag with a cardboard underneath to prevent it from folding and moving, No matter how many wiggles take on the trip, shirt will arrive (or should) in the same state in which we sent it. This is just a quick example, but I think it explains well what I mean.

The same cardboard box is important, if you put something in a reused box … when you receive it can give the appearance, already input, that it is something used, but then the interior is perfect … Eye, reusing boxes should be something mandatory in this world … but unfortunately neither Amazon nor its clients understand it that way. Keep that in mind.

Nor is it the same a shipment to your own city that if it goes to the other side of the world … if it will take a month to arrive, it will go through many hands, means of transport, etc. Protect it accordingly!


This is probably the biggest generator of negative valuations in Amazon, “I arrive a day later”, “I was brought late”, “I never received it”.

The majority of suspensions of Amazon accounts that occur are due to problems related to logistics and delivery delay.

Here is a part that you can control and another that you do not (or not at all).


It’s you, and what happens in your house, that is, how you have organized the management of shipments and the logistics of your ecommerce. This in Amazon is fundamental, thinks that the typical phrase on everyone’s lips is “I bought it on Amazon and the next day I had it at home”.

Many buyers are not even going to read your delivery terms. Even if you put 3 to 5 days, they will think that they will arrive tomorrow too, I assure you.

So, in the part that touches you, give it a reed! Try to get all shipments as soon as possible, take it off as soon as possible and your customers will appreciate it!

Get them out on the same day if possible! Surprise and get them ahead of schedule!

This is usually done by Amazon in its sales … especially in articles that come from abroad, it gives you a first delivery time (before the purchase) “from 10 to 18”, once confirmed the purchase changes to “from 12 to 18 “(” Wow, they messed me up … “) and in the end … do you know when it will arrive? I already advance it to you, on the 16th. Why? Because you were already waiting for it on the 18th and you are delighted with Amazon and its great logistics that has been delivered to you before!

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The transport agency.

You cannot take the package that is clear, but make sure that whoever wears it gives you the maximum guarantees, do not leave this decision based solely on the price offered because it would be a serious error.

Do not hire the cheapest service if the delivery times are longer. Sometimes, the difference between a 24h delivery and a 48/72 is only a few cents, but your performance metrics (and many other things) will thank you.

Get ahead of the problems, monitor your shipments!

If you detect a problem in tracking … why do not you contact the buyer, notify him and try to solve it with him? I assure you that he will be happy, and in the worst case, even if the order arrives late, he will know where the problem has really been and that you have done everything possible to solve it!

These cases not only do not usually end with negative evaluations but quite the opposite: super positive votes and comments, take advantage of them!


Does a client write to inform you or complain about a problem with your order?

You have just been given the opportunity to solve a problem and in the process avoid a possible negative valuation that could even lead to a withdrawal of your Amazon sales privileges!

This is undoubtedly the best option you have to avoid dissatisfied buyers, as a rule is much happier someone to whom you have offered a solution after a problem, someone with a “normal” order in which everything went well.


It is inevitable that they give you some negative evaluation, if they have not done it yet, do not worry, they will do it.

You should know that the buyer always has the possibility to eliminate that valuation, so it is advisable that you contact him, you take care of the problem and try to offer a solution to be satisfied and agree to withdraw your comment.

Keep in mind that Amazon does not allow you to try to coerce or oblige in any way to do so, so do not even think of going this way, or you can complicate the situation even more.

You can only ask the buyer to withdraw the negative amazon valuations after having solved the problem (or at least tried it).

You have to be prepared to know what to do at the moment it happens.

This must be your reaction plan before get negative votes:

  • Act Quickly.
  • Be Completely Sincere.
  • Always ask for apologies.
  • Be Friendly.
  • Be Generous.

Anyway, I hope it has helped you a little to be clear about where the problems with the votes in Amazon can come to you to be able to prevent them and that your seller account does not suffer the consequences.

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