13 Black Hat SEO Techniques That Kill Your Google Ranking

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Black Hat SEO is an unlawful process of website ranking. Any kind of optimization process which is contradictory to search engine rules and regulation is called black hat SEO. It is the act which totally violates the google term and condition. In any circumstance, black hat SEO is prohibited.

So, If you use this technique to speed up on the website ranking, and Google can understand it, definitely your site will be penalized. Consequently, the website might lose Google rank.

For some reason, more clearly, for practicing illicit black hat SEO technique a website goes to Google Penalty and it is no longer available in search results. Finally, Google ranking downturn. Therefore, a lot of visitors to that website start bugging.

So, always have to maintain white level SEO technique to keep your website live on the first page of SERP.

Why Google dislike Black Hat SEO?

We all are familiar with the football game. A player’s aim is to score goals. And it has to do with maintaining some definite rules. If he makes an exception, the referee, a person who is in charge of the match and who makes certain that the rules are followed, warned him with a yellow card and punished with a red card.

In the same way, the goal of a website is to appear on the first page of Google search results. Therefore, the website has to go through certain rules. If somebody tries to overlap the rules to get the first page and Google can understand it, then the Google Quality Team, like a referee, immediately, gives the penalty. Consequently, the website lost its rank and gradually reduced its visitors.

Google is the world biggest search engine. It’s users believe when they google something, it will represent only relevant information and quality stuff.

Google gives the value of that belief. Its BOT trying to show only authentic results and bring relevant websites to the first page of the SERP, so that, the user is satisfied.

That’s why Google has some policies to rank a website in search results. If you follow their terms and condition you will be considered to rank. If you violate rules you may go under ranking. To follow up the entire process it has a strong quality team and they continuously monitor the quality of a website.

Let’s discuss 13 black hat SEO techniques which kill the google ranking.

Black Hat SEO Technique 1: Duplicate Content

Content is the heart of any website. There is a huge resource on the internet. By using them anyone can create an ordinary content.

But, creating quality content is really a challenge. If you want engaging content you have to invest a good amount of money.

To save cash many people create low-quality content by copy and paste from other websites.

It can be temporarily beneficial but in the long run, it has a negative impact on the website authority. Because Google believes in the content loyalty. It treats the stolen content in a very bad way which directly affects the website rank. Google wants, every content should be unique and informative.

Google indexes a specific page of each website. It is assumed that when the index will increase, your authority will also increase, and the chance of getting your search engine rank directly or indirectly will increase.

So if your site has multiple duplicate pages, it will undoubtedly give a bad idea to your authority. And there will be unnecessary page indexes which have no benefit.

Black Hat SEO Technique 2: Buying Backlinks

Link-up to business and link-building with online businesses are very important.

Link-building has two major advantages.

  1. Add extra value to SEO process
  2. Getting referrals traffic

Considering above points, we all know how the backlink is important to rank a website. For that many internet marketers buy backlinks. It’s a very bad practice. Keep in mind one authentic link is more powerful than hundred irrelevant backlinks. 

Backlink database is generated using different types of software. In short time it creates a huge link which influences Google to rank a website. But, this technique is banned by Google.

Black Hat SEO Technique 3: Additional H1 Tag

The tag is one of the important parts of a website. H1 tags are pretty important as they are meant to be the header of what the entire pages are about.

It is an effective ranking factor. You can easily place your targeted keyword in the H1 tag. By this tag, Google understands what a page has been created.

Google recommend one time to use this tag in entire content. But if you use additional H1 tags, then your website will not be ranked rather a cutback the Google ranking. Because you’re confusing Google.

Black Hat SEO Technique 4: Link to Another Language Website

The link is something that has to be always aware of. Google prefer interlanguage website linking. Generally, users like to prefer one language. So linking to sites in another language isn’t useful for them.

For example, your website is written in English but you have a lot of links to the Arabic website. When users try your link they become puzzled. Same things happen to the google bot. As a result, your website rank lessening.

Sometimes you’ve got a genuine link from another language website. Technically it’s counted against you due to Google terms and condition. Although all links are from the high authority site, you have to remove those link to avoid rank shrinkage.

Black Hat SEO Technique 5: Hidden & Invisible Link

Google count both internal and external link as a ranking signal. To obtain this, all links should be visible, clear, significant and useful to users.

Sometimes, the background color matches with the links color. Thus, the link is not visible. Even the link is hidden due to the designer’s error. Anything that’s hidden is considered suspicious.

Always make a link with a different color to the background of a page or button

Many people use the hidden link to play games with Google. I always say, do not rob the robber’s house. So respect the rules. Google does not like this invisible link. Be visible, be safe.

Black Hat SEO Technique 6: Over Comment

Commenting is the best way to the interacting audience. Reader feedback is very much helpful to judge content popularity. More the comment more the possibility to rank.

There is the available automated commenting system by which one can easily comment many times with different identity. It is very harmful to your site authority.

Suppose, your website is health related. Someone comment entertainment related in one of your content. Is it an authentic comment or have any value for your site? The answer is “NO”. Google treat this as spam.

So, keep comment filtering option on. Check every comment manually. If get anything irrelevant just delete them. If you don’t have time to moderate it, switch commenting off entirely.

Black Hat SEO Technique 7: Keywords Stuffing

Precisely keyword placing is an important factor of SEO. Using too much keyword is a bad practice. This error is seen among new internet marketers. They are trying to use unnecessarily keyword to rank the site. As a result, the website falls into google penalties.

Always try to bring keywords naturally in the article

You should put your most significant keyword at the starting of your Title, Description, and H1 and H2 tags, opening paragraph or better in the very first sentence. This called prominent placement of keyword. Using this technique you can easily protect your website from google rank decline.

Black Hat SEO Technique 8: Excessive Site Links

Before linking to any website make sure the site is free from penalty. Never accomplice yourself with a website that is doing something unethical or illegal. Hacking, porn, and malware-ridden sites should be avoided.

As an example, if you have a close relationship with the “MOST WANTED KILLER”, police will think you are also responsible for those crimes. So, you will be punished too.

Similarly, if you linked to a suspicious website, Google will treat you as the same. For this reason, don’t be hesitate to remove links to other sites that have been penalized in the past.

Black Hat SEO Technique 9: Over-Optimization

Optimization is mandatory for website ranking. No online marketers can avoid it. But, over optimization is risky for your site. Google doesn’t like to see too much of a good thing. When you come first in a short time it would be suspecting to google. They think you did something fishy.

Keep some minor error naturally. It will achieve trustiness. What a shocking word, isn’t it?

It’s a hidden trick. Many new online marketers facing website penalty where they do not violets google rules. This is because they do over optimization.

Black Hat SEO Technique 10: Quickly Create Backlinks

The backlink is the most challenging topic for a website. It requires a lot of time and techniques.

For a new website, it’s natural to want rank quickly. If you want to create quality backlinks then be patient. But the newcomers quickly create backlinks in different ways to rank them without any patience. Lots of similar links displaying to the same place is a sign of automation. This issue is bad for your website.

When you backlinking too much in a short time Google thinks you are spamming. Never get hurry. Make your site acceptable to achieve some quality backlink naturally.

Keep in mind website rank decline for the spammy backlink.

Black Hat SEO Technique 11: Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages

Doorway Pages means that the same web page is displayed in a different way for search engine and the user. And this is done by manipulating keywords.

It is like that you went to the shop to buy 100% cotton fabric. The shopkeeper showed you cotton fabric as well as you pay for that quality, but when you came to your house, you found 100% polyester fabric. That means you got cheated and bamboozled by the shopkeeper.

In a similar way, it can be possible to confuse Google bots with a few nearby keywords and website can be lead to the first page to attract the visitor.

For example, you google Top 10 Medicine Store in New York. You entered one of the websites among the search result and found that there is no valid, valuable or helpful information related to your search topic rather the web page is filled with keyword rich links to draw visitors attention.

If you click on any one of them, then you will redirect to another website. That is, webmaster sends you to his desired site by dodging the Google. Which is completely restricted.

Black Hat SEO Technique 12: Article Spinning

Article spinning is usually used by lazy marketers, who do not want to write articles by working hard. The new article is generated by re-writing articles that have already been published on different websites, with various online article spinning tools. Which search engine does not count as “duplicate content” and is considered entirely new article. Just copy, spin and publish. Simple task.

But Google does not treat this as ethical SEO. Because there is no new and relevant information for the user in your article. You are just rotating the old information.

Basically this way, you may gather much content on your website but you can not provide quality content. Because the words & language of the spun article are so difficult, and it’s readability also not easy for the user. As a result, your site has an adverse effect on user experience.

If Google can once catch you with this black hat SEO technique, then your site will be penalized immediately. Which you can not understand.

Black Hat SEO Technique 13: Social Network Spamming

Most Internet users use social media either directly or indirectly. Especially Facebook and Twitter are very popular. From social media, visitors can drive to the website in different ways.

Naturally, if a visitor drives a website from Facebook then there is no problem, but if you are intentionally influencing visitors with various advertising, showing irrelevant information and messages, then it is considered to be Black Hat SEO. As an SEO professional one should have been away from such activity.

The way of Recognizing Penalized Website

After reading 13 black hat SEO techniques, I think you realized that Google gives a penalty for unethical activities. But how can understand that a website has been penalized?
Penalties can be two types.

  1. Manual Google Penalty
  2. Automatic or Algorithmic Google Penalty

Manual Google Penalty is noticeable. Google has a special assign team who manually monitoring your website. They could charge a penalty to your site for a number of reasons.

With manual penalties, you have a possibility to be informed. But, if you have been targeted with algorithmic penalties, you may not always understand.

Surprisingly, even the most experienced SEO professionals may face those penalties. Here are some clues for Automatic or Algorithmic Google Penalty by which you may get an idea whether your website is under penalty or not.

  1. Your page rank go down certainly
  2. Extremely traffic drops on individual pages
  3. The entire website has been removed from Google
  4. All of your pages getting deindexed
  5. Your site does not get rank, although, you take all action on your part

Besides, there are many other factors which are indicated a penalty has affected your site.

With the below-mentioned technique, you can easily see whether your website is on Google’s penalties or not.

Go to Google search bar >> Write  site:yourdomain.com >> Press Enter

If the result shows all your website pages it means your website get indexed and you are safe. If the result shows “Your search site:yourdomain.com did not match any documents” then you are under google penalty.


Don’t be panic. As I already said, top SEO professionals also get a penalty. So, it happens sometimes. But, you have to be on the right way.

I always inspire you, be honest. Show respect to Google’s policy. Never try any kind of unethical activities. Of course, website building is a tough task, but, keep that website safe from Google Penalty is tougher. If you show patience, most of the penalties can be fixed.

Just follow the word and start to apply which I described above. It takes time & needs some hard work. Extra effort and an ethical approach can rebuild your site.

If you face any kind of problem to understand my speech, feel free to ask me. I am always ready to respond. In below comment section leave a reply if you want to know more about Google Penalty. Do not delay to let me know whether this topic satisfied you or not.

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