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Coronavirus Impact on Tech Industry

Coronavirus [COVID-19] Impact on Tech Industry

Wuhan is a city with a population of over 1.1 crore people and it’s a major technological hub in China. It’s the hub of producing automobiles, electronics optics and fiber. In fact 230 of the fortune 500 companies have investments in
WordPress Cloud Hosting

Benefits of WordPress Cloud Hosting For Corporate Blog

Nowadays, due to the growing popularity of blogging, WordPress cloud hosting has become the first choice for millions of users worldwide. On the other hand, the cloud is booming the market and users are moving ahead to adopt cloud for their
Cloud Archiving | Data Archiving Solutions

How Cloud Archiving makes Life Easier for IT Administrators

Cloud archiving is the best data storage solution in the twentieth century. If you’re an IT administrator then you’ve probably found yourself banging your head over managing a ton of data. It’s not just data; it’s the sheer volume of data
Free Online Project Management Software For Startups

8 Free Online Project Management Software For Startups

The idea of ​​opening a start-up company has become very popular globally. If you are thinking of opening a start-up or have just opened a recently, then, of course, you need a project manager right now. As a new start-up, it
Why Use Social Media For Business

Why Use Social Media For Business To Increase Revenue

A few days before I google how can a business generate more revenue? In doing so, I realize people really want to know how to use social media for business? So, today’s post is all about why use social media for business to
Content Marketing

How To Enhance Content Marketing Through Creative Designs?

Do you know how to enhance content marketing through creative designs? If you say YES then this post is not for you, but if you say NO then welcome to our brand new post. Mostly, strategies are considered to be foremost

How To Win Buyers And Influence Sales With eMarketing

Emarketing or electronic marketing is the new dimension of product or service marketing that ensures more ROI comparing traditional practice. It is the new form of marketing where old-school marketing principle is to blend with modern communication technologies. In a simple
web research

5 Practical Tactics to Turn Web Research Into a Sales Machine

Have you ever thought about how to win the market and influence people with web research? I believe you did and so you read this blog to reveal the secret. Definitely, web research is the process of extracting the desired information
formal email

How To Write a Perfect Formal Email That Gets Expected Results

Are you embarrassed by your formal email skills? Surely from the question you understand, today I will declamation about completely a different issue. Usually, I talk to you with SEO, Email Marketing, and Life Hacking Technology. So why do I consult