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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update (Live)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update (Live)

COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Latest information on the geographical distribution of COVID-19 cases globally, updated daily. As the coronavirus spreads globally we track the confirmed cases, deaths, recoveries, cases per million, new cases, new death, critical and active cases.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G review

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G Review

Is Samsung Galaxy watch worth buying? If this question is arising your mind hope this Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G Review will guide you. The market has been Apple’s territory since the very first smartwatch released – thanks to Apple Watch spectacular
How to Make Your Computer Faster?

How to Make Your Computer Faster [ Windows 10]

If you are searching for how to make your computer faster for windows 10, this post is for you. As an IT executive many times I face a common question on how to make computer run faster?  Your PC is your
how touch typing influences programming

How Touch Typing Influences Programming Skills

Typing can be an excellent additional skillset for programmers to excel in their careers. With the help of touch typing, you can easily meet your daily deliverables in programming. It is an advanced mode of typing where you need to use
What is a graphics card? How do graphics cards work?

What is a graphics card? How do graphics cards work?

What is a graphics card? How do graphics cards work? If this kind of question comes to your mind, this article is important to you. The graphics card will be discussed in detail in today’s article. The word Graphics Card is
Using Google Docs

11 Reasons Why You Must Use Google Docs

Currently, a remarkable number of people using Google Docs for writing. The software used to perform writing tasks in a computer is commonly called word processor software. Google Docs is such a kind of software. After the name change, Google launched
Best Workout Tracker App For Android

7 Best Workout Tracker App For Android

Do you work out regularly? But can’t find the best workout tracker app for android? So, today’s post about workout apps is for you. Today, out of the thousands of fitness apps from the PlayStore, I will introduce you to some
Top 5 Fascinating Apps To Kill Your Boredom

Top 5 Fascinating Apps To Kill Your Boredom

Are you getting bored? Want to find something to amuse yourself? Well, here is a long list of mobile apps that can let you enjoy your time to its fullest. The great thing about smartphone invention is that it has brought

Top Reasons Why Swift Language Is Most Favorable For iOS App Development

iOS application development is a complex process. The developer must be very instrumental with pro skills and abilities in coding and designing phase. The developer needs to implement new trends and technologies in the coding and development side of iOS. It
benefits of technology

Benefits of Technology | Pay Attention To These 7 Signals

Without the benefits of technology, no one can imagine his own existence. It is really important in our lifestyle since it made our life more manageable, speedier and more reliable. Technology plays an important role in our daily lives. No way