How Cloud Archiving makes Life Easier for IT Administrators

Cloud archiving is the best data storage solution in the twentieth century. If you’re an IT administrator then you’ve probably found yourself banging your head over managing a ton of data.

It’s not just data; it’s the sheer volume of data that IT administrators end up taking care of.

Everyday processes generate daily and not all of this data is needed frequently. However, most of it is supposed to be stored and retained for a specific period of time – this time period can be several months to years; depends on the industry.

With innovative solutions like cloud archiving storage solutions, IT administrators can adhere to the company’s requirements and make their life easier.

Before we take a look at cloud archiving solutions, let’s look at the core challenges IT administrators have to face when it comes to data storage and retention.

6 Core Data Storage & Retention Challenges for IT Administrators

1. Storage & Accessibility

When it comes to data storage and retention, IT administrators face two major expectations: sufficient storage capacity and data accessibility.

The acquired storage capacity has to be able to accommodate all business data and it should be configured in a way that ensures high availability and accessibility of business data – whenever necessary.

2. Security

In a time where ransomware attacks, data breach, and data leaks are a constant occurrence in the daily news, IT administrators have to tread carefully and ensure high security for their data. The challenge of delivering enterprise-grade data security only grows as business data grows in volume.

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3. Compliance

Increase volume of data only adds to the challenge of making sure that storage and retention are in compliance with applicable industry standards. Keeping track of all the legal obligations and keeping business data storage and retention in compliance with industry regulations is a tough milestone to achieve.

4. Scalability

Business data grows continuously as the business operates. To make sure business data is stored and managed effectively, IT administrators have to face the challenge of setting up proportionally scalable IT systems.

5. Data Management

Management is easy; IT administrators just need the right tools. As business data grows, the number of tools that simplify management also increases. This increase in data volume makes the simple task of management into a complex one.

6. Increased Storage Costs

The more data, the more it’ll cost an organization to effectively store it. A business’s concerns about the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the Return On Investment (ROI) are real and applicable to data storage and retention systems.

One Solution for Six Big IT problems: Cloud Archiving

Did you know that 80% of business data is inactive for more than 90 days and is not accessed but still consumes primary storage resources? From the remaining 20% of business data, only 2% is usually accessed.

Considering these statistics, is it even wise for businesses to spend ample amounts of resources to set up on-premises storage infrastructure? Why spend thousands of dollars when businesses can move business data to archive cloud storage – an inexpensive long term storage solution that also provides efficient storage, data security and facilitates compliance.

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It’s time to make IT administrators love their job again. With an abundance of inactive and active data, it’s difficult to manage and effectively implement changes. Cloud archive storage is the best solution for automatically archiving business data.

Leverage your storage infrastructure to its maximum potential by moving infrequently accessed data to less expensive cloud archiving repositories while keeping the frequently accessed data on on-premises storage solutions.

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