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Why should you invest in developing email marketing strategy for your business?

20% of marketers say that the primary revenue source of the business is directly involved in effective email marketing strategy.

In 2017, email marketing spending 2.67 billion dollars in the US and each dollar return average $44.25.

So, you should invest for good ROI.

Welcome, everyone.

I have appeared again in a completely new case.

Today I will open the gates of email marketing. Show how to set up an effective strategy that will double your profit. Share some secret tips that will change your previous online marketing experience for sure.

Without knowing the war rules, it is difficult to set fighting strategy, similarly, before setting up an email campaign, you must have a clear idea about it. Otherwise, you can do something that is unmethodical of email marketing.

Hence, before doing anything, you should know about it well. Unless it is more likely to cause damage than profit.

What is Email Marketing?

Let’s go back a little bit.

Alongside the technological advancement of the 21st century, email marketing was introduced in 1978 by Gary Thuerk of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).

He was the first person who sends a “bulk email” to the 400 potential customers which brought about $13 million worth of sales in DEC products and featured the capability of promoting through mass emails.

Email marketing is the way of promoting a product or service via email.

More clearly, building a good relationship with the potential customer or client to sell products or services.

It is an online version of post office based mail. Rather than mailing fliers and coupons to a client’s home, e-mail marketing transmits those same things carefully to a client’s inbox.

Email marketing is a part of internet marketing.

Using this powerful marketing tool, thousands of companies all around the world are advertising their products or services daily.

An effective email marketing strategy can rapidly generate both sales and brand identification.

Some important terms of email marketing

Computer programs or medical science have their own terminology, similarly, email marketing has also some terms that we will use most often. If you do not know them, then email marketing will be very difficult for you to understand.

Email Server

An email server is a medium through which the email is sent. It works as your virtual post office. In reality, the post office is used to exchange letters, so in the virtual world, the email server is used as the means of email delivery.

Spam Email

An unwanted mail that comes to your email address or emails that you feel is unpredictable is the spam email. And spam box is where spam emails are stored.

Email opening rate

Email opening rate refers to how many people read your email to whom you sent mail. It is expressed in percentage.

Emailing is not just the task, make sure, it should be read by the users. Because, you have sent an email to promote your product or service, if anyone does not open it, then what is the benefit of the campaign!

Bounce Rate

When an email cannot reach the receiver, it will return to the sender again in the form of an error message. This called email bounce. And its percentage is called bounce rate.

List cleaning

List cleaning is to find out the verified emails from various bulk email lists. That is, creating a perfect email list by sorting active emails among thousands.

How many types of email marketing

Basically, there are two types of email marketing. Others are the subdivision.

Transactional Email Marketing

When you use email on a website or an organization as a means of communication is called transnational email.

Say, you have created a new account on Facebook. There you have to give an email address. Now a welcome message has been sent to your email from Facebook authority and asked to click on the provided link to activate the account.

You gave your email to Facebook with the consent and they contacted you through that email, this called transaction email. The entire process is known as transactional email marketing.

In other words, any kind of online transaction via email is defined as transaction email. Registering on any website, verifying an account, password change, password recovery, or any type of notification etc., everything includes transactional email marketing.

A transactional emails fundamental aim is to pass information with respect to the activity that prompted it.

But, because of their high open up rates (51.3% in comparison to 36.6% for email newsletters), transactional emails are a chance to introduce or develop the relationship with customers or clients to up-sell products or services.

Direct Email Marketing

When a product or services brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters, sales letters, fliers, coupons, discount or special offer, new product information etc directly sent to the specific people or communities email is called direct email marketing.

Say, MacDonald offers 15% off discount on their Spicy Chicken Burger for promotional sale. They sent you an email with full details to encourage consume the product. This called direct email marketing.

Unlike other kinds of advertising, where you’re never sure just who’s getting the message, direct email gives you a chance to reach out one-on-one with your market. Which allows you to manage who will get your message when will be sent, and exactly what number of individuals you reach. This is the secret advantages of direct email marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing

We already know about email marketing. Hope, there is no confusion.

Now the question is

➤ Why do we use email marketing as a marketing tool?

➤ Why is it more effective than other traditional forms of marketing?

➤ How does it benefit more?

➤ Why does it bring more profit?

➤ How are the more customers engaged?

➤ Why would you invest time to flourish an effective email marketing strategy?

Just look at and understand written word below and you will get all answer for sure.

Email Marketing Reduced Marketing Costs

In addition to all the benefits of email marketing, I will put on top its low marketing expenses.

In my research, I have seen that a large portion of the business capital is spent in the product marketing.

And in this competitive market, if your product or service cannot reach people, you will fail to achieve desired sales, no matter how good your product is.

Advertising costs in television media are much higher. In addition, there is the matter of pick and off-peak hour. If your product advertisement does not show the people most engaging time then all ad effort will be unsuccessful.

Again, if you have an advertisement in print media, you will need additional manpower. Which is subject to cost.

Now, most people use email.

Only in America, 80% of adults consume product or services through email.

By email marketing, you can display your product directly to the users at a very low cost. Which is much less than traditional advertising channel.

For this, you need a decent email marketing platform and a good advertiser who understands how to place the right offer in front of the right portion of your user or customer.

There is absolutely no marketing channel where you’ll spend less to get higher prominent profits on your initial investment than email marketing.

Effective Email Marketing Strategy Save Time

To do marketing in off-line, you have to go through some lengthy process. Again, there are some digital marketing methods that take a long time to implement and get results.

However, you can accomplish the entire marketing process in very short time through an effective email marketing and the results are also available very quickly.

So, doesn’t it take time to email marketing?

Of course, it takes.

But considering the overall procedure, it is very short.

Generally, two types of techniques are applied to product marketing. Direct to a consumer or business to business product campaign.

Telesales is one of the channels where consumers are informed about the product over the phone.

Think once, in this process, how much time it takes a marketing agent to inform all the consumers in your list about the products over a telephone?

Again, talking the same thing again and again, the agent become bored.

As a result, it is not possible to present the product in the same way to everyone.

When the mood is good, present beautifully.

Similarly, if the mood is deficient, the presentation will be naturally bad.

However, in the email marketing process, you will create your graphically decorated message just once, which you can send promptly all the customers on your list at the same time. And it will save your precious time a lot.

A door to Door marketing is another popular medium of traditional marketing. Where the sale agent is promoting the products physically to the consumer. It is the time-consuming process and takes a lot of time to get more results.

If you can create an effective email marketing strategy better than traditional marketing, it will be more profitable for you and save more time.

In the next section, we will discuss how to develop an effective email marketing strategy.

Stay with us.

Email Can Be Targeted to Specific Audiences

With email marketing, you can promote your product to a specific user. That will improve sales rate. Because your products advertisement is reaching to the people only who are related to it.

For example, you have an automobile garage and in the coming summer, 10% servicing discount has given on the all Mercedes Bench car.

Now, how do you promote the offer to increase sales?

Place advertisement on television? Or advertise to the paper? which most people will avoid because they have no Mercedes.

But think once, since you are servicing automobiles, there are many types of cars come to you for servicing. There are specific customers who have Mercedes. You can easily create a database of them.

Your advertising objective will succeed if you can reach specific users. That is, the message will meet those who have Mercedes and need this service.

As a result, the probability of your income will be multiplied.

You can promote your product by targeting customers, but it is not possible in the normal advertising form. It is a great advantage of email marketing that you can target a specific audience.

Email Marketing Increase Brand Familiarity

One of the most popular means of brand familiarity is email marketing.

When the potential new customers get your email messages into their inbox, they will get a good thought about you. Thus, email marketing can help you boost your brand recognition.

Suppose, a customer gets your automobile service center’s message in his inbox. Maybe, at the moment he does not need the service. But he is aware of it.

With each email sent, a consumer is subjected to your business as well as your brand.

With tactical planning, smart design, and targeted content, your business will constantly build value.

You are constantly communicating with your audience via email. In consequence, you stay top-of-mind with him. Later, when he is looking for products or services, he will be to think of your business.

Effective Email Marketing Drive Higher Conversion Rate

A major benefit of an effective email marketing strategy is higher conversion rate than any other marketing techniques.

The common order value of a contact reaches least 3x greater than the common order value of communal media articles.

After developing a powerful communication strategy, your business can drive more conversions through email marketing.

By crafting well-written emails that end with an obvious call-to-action, your brand can encourage visitors to take the next phase in the buyer’s quest, moving them nearer to conversion.

Email Marketing Helps to Growth Sell

A good customer-marketer relationship is built through an effective email marketing strategy. Respectively increase your sales.

Since the buyer gets automatic updates of the product regularly, they trust your opinion, and they’re more likely to buy the things you recommend.

Think again, you do not always market or selling only one product. You are presenting multiple things at different times to the same person.

That means, your communication with the buyer is being made for a long time.

A survey showed that the good relations between the buyer and the seller increased sales.

Email Keeps You Super Close to Your Customers

One of the many advantages of email marketing is that you can communicate frequently with all the customers on your list whenever you want, ensuring that you are close to them.

If you want to make a continual business, you will have to influence new conversions as well as encourage existing customers.

With email, you can come forth with your subscribers regularly to help remind them of the worthiness that your business can offer. It’s a great way to stay in touch with the customer.

Your emails should provide value to your customers. If you constantly keep selling to them, they’ll begin to respect you as an interruption and kickoff to unsubscribe from your list.

An email marketing is an efficient way to advertise your products, services, and information to your audience.

But, if you fail, you can baffle your visitors to the advert that they don’t really take any action.

Knowing what things to devote your email is really as important as creating one.

Effective Email Marketing Strategy Increase Website Traffic

You are able to let people know when adding new content to your site. This can give you a lift in a promotion, and help that content really move up and increase enormous traffic to your website.

The visitor is the heart of a website. It is built to target the visitors. There is a decorous exhibition of all types of products or services on the website and viewing that a buyer feels interested in buying products.

But if the visitors do not come to your website, will they know about your service or product?

Obviously, Can’t.

One of the major benefits of email marketing is that content can be made shareable by adding social media and e-mail share buttons in it.

As a result, a customer can easily share the product with his friend, family, colleague.

Through a reader, your website address will be promoted as well as the product to a lot more readers, which is not possible in the traditional marketing process. This helps improve your reach and bring new leads to your business.

You can do all this even if the visitor never returns to your site.

You’ve”caught” them, and you can continue conversing with them!

When your traffic sources become scarce (e.g., if your search engine ranking positions drop and you simply stop getting visitors from the various search engines), you will keep making cash.

Steps to Develop an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

We already know what is email marketing and why it is necessary.

I believe you have no longer any disagreement that it is a very effective marketing process.

Now the important thing is to know how to do email marketing?

From where do you start?

What steps should you take to build a strategy?

I will discuss in detail all the issues right now. If you follow the uncut process in depth, hope you will get the positive results from your first email campaign.

I’ve divided the entire process into 5 parts.

1. List Building
2. Goal Set up
3. Email Template Design
4. Campaign running
5. Result evaluation

List Building or Targeted Lead Generation

List building is the process of creating an email address list.

In email marketing, every targeted user’s email treats as ‘Lead’, which you can collect in a variety of ways.

After collection, every single email address is gathered into a list.

Email list building or targeted lead generation is the most important task in email marketing. Because, if you do not have an email address, to whom you send an email?

Leads can be collected in many ways. Here I will show every technique in details.

Add an Email Subscription Form to Grow Your Email List

The objective of list building is to build a potential “list” of users who you can email.

You might do that by advising visitors to subscribe the newsletter, or by offering people a valuable incentive — they should simply enter their name and email.

Once someone subscribes, you can easily email them to discuss your other affiliate items.

If that person does not come to your website anymore, you can still contact them, can sell products to them through email.

To influence a user on subscribing, you can follow the below steps.

Offer your visitors some free e-book or download for the subscription.

Think you have an SEO related website. Now you can offer the visitors if subscribe they will receive an e-book containing exclusive SEO tricks.

This type of offer will encourage users to subscribe.

If you sell products through an online shop, you can offer them in such a way that if anyone subscribes to the website, they will get a 10% discount on any product.

It will not only encourage people to subscribe but also affect the purchase with intensive.

“Free shipping! Only for subscriber” this type of offer is a great incentive for a customer to join your list.

Load website with such a content that makes visitors subscribed without hesitation.

Share some important information or scheme so that the customer can not skip.

Motivate with free and helpful content.

Now I’m going to show you two different methods of adding subscriber box to the website.

Method 1: With Feedburner

  1. Go to Feedburner 
  2. Login with Gmail
  3. Provide your website name in “Burn a feed right this instant” and press enterfeedburner
  4. Select “Feed” option
  5. Click  “Next”
  6. Click  “Next”
  7. Click  “Next”
  8. Click  “Next”
  9. A new dashboard will appear and from the menu bar select “Publicize”
  10. Select “Email Subscriptions” from the left services menu
  11. Click “Activate”
  12. An HTML code will be generated. Showen red box in the image.publicize email subscriptions
  13. Copy the code
  14. Go to the website dashboard(WordPress) and from the tool section click the text widget
  15. Paste the copied HTML code into the widget
  16. Save
  17. You can see that an email subscribe box has been added to your website

To extract email from the subscribe box follow the below step.

  1. Go to Feedburner 
  2. Login with Gmail
  3. Click on the publicize option
  4. Click on the email subscriptions option
  5. Click on Subscription Management
  6. Click “view subscriber details” at the bottom
  7. Download the CSV file
  8. Open the downloaded file and you will get your desired email list.

Method 2: With Plugin

You do not have to learn any coding for build subscription widget.

Various types of plugins are available for WordPress website and can easily collect the email. You can integrate any one of them to your site and your work is done.

Add a Pop-Up Sign up Form

A pop-up signup form consists of email subscription facility is appearing in front of a user’s just before the exit of the website. This form should contain some attractive offer that a user is tempted to subscribe.

Here I give some examples.

If your website is an information-based blog then you can write ‘Subscribe to Get Latest Updates’

If you sell the product, you can write ‘Subscribe and Enjoy 10% Discount’

If you have organized an event then you can write ‘Want a free pass, subscribe now’

Thus, pop-up subscribe box should be created depending on your business.

Although pop-up often annoying the visitors, still it is a very popular medium for list building.

The success of your pop-up will depend on how it appears in front of the visitor.

When a visitor subscribes to the pop-up box, you will automatically get their email address and make list building.

Like subscription widget, you can get many tremendous popup plugins for WordPress website. For the email list building, you can integrate any one of them and your work is done.

Promo Bar Capture Email Leads Without Disturbing Your Visitors

Seeing Promo Bar’s name, you can understand that I’m going to talk about a promotional subscription bar.

Like a pop-up box, it is also a great way to collect users email.

The promo bar is mainly used to promote a special offer in front of a website visitor and encourage them to grab or join in the exchange of their contact information.

It can be stick to the top or the bottom of the website. And the most interesting thing is that if a visitor does not close manually, it remains visible throughout the entire session.

If you design beautifully it will give a different look to your website which will not bother the visitor rather rejoice.

Live Chat can Generate Lead

‘Need a little help? Have a question? Get LIVE Answers Here!’

When a visitor lands your website, you can invite him to live chat.

Can you think what would be the customer’s feeling?

Live Customer Support is very important to collect new leads.

By asking questions regarding help, a good relationship can be made with the visitor as well as gain their trust, and that is exactly what drives conversions.

So keep the live chats active on the website. And make sure it’s visible and easy too. Only then you will get leads as well as list building from here to set an effective email marketing strategies.

Building Your Email List with Gmail

According to Wikipedia, As of July 2017, Gmail has 1.2 billion active users worldwide. That means Gmail can be one of the effective ways in your list building. So let’s see how to get email easily using your Gmail account.

First, you have to enter your Gmail account. Then click on the contact option. You will see all the contact list in your circle. As you enter any one of them, so many email addresses are shown. These are your well-known leads.

Now the question is how to collect all those emails? Copying one by one is the very time-consuming task. But, don’t worry. I’ll show you a trick by which you can easily save all email in the lists. Just follow the below step sequentially.

  1. Open your Gmail
  2. Contact
  3. Click More Button
  4. Export
  5. Select All Contact
  6. Select Google CSV Format
  7. Click Export and the CSV file will be saved on your computer.

Grate!! Your job is finished. Now by picking important email, you will get a beautiful list building. This way, you can do list building utilizing your Gmail account. If you want, you can collect lead from Yahoo Mail & Hotmail as well.

Find Email Address by Name, Company Name, Profession

Now, I’m talking about such a method which is a very popular technique in the list building.

Think, you know a man named Adam, but does not know his email address. But is it possible to find Adams email?

Yes, it’s possible. You can easily find people’s emails by following the below steps.

  1. Open internet browser
  2. writes: Adam + email in the Google search box
  3. Go
  4. Copy all search result
  5. In another tab open Email Extractor
  6. Here in “input window” paste the copied search result
  7. Extract
  8. You will get many emails
  9. Copy e-mail address and Save them into MS Excel file.

In the same way, you can find the email by replacing company name and profession instead of the name.

Get email from LinkedIn

Is there required to introduce Linkedin? Linkedin is one of the most reliable communication platforms for true professionals. Here, people are very much active in raising their business or work and to establish relationships with other professionals. People who have a LinkedIn profile actually create accounts for sharing their work or business relationship with each other.

Respectively, many people of the same profession can easily found. Most of their email addresses are visually confined to contacting them.

So I would say that Linkedin can be one of the most authentic sources for finding targeted email addresses.

Now I will show you how to easily get an email address from Linkedin.

Pick up e-mail through the formula

In this process, we only have to remember a formula.

site: country short “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “keyword” OR “keyword” OR “keyword”

Let me explain the formula.

First of all, “country short code” intend the specific country name. This means you need to enter the two letters short form of the targeted leads country.

For example, UK means united kingdom.

You may have questions in mind where I get the different countries short name?

Just go to the Wikipedia and search for a country, you will get detailed information. A two letters ISO 3166 code will be displayed in the right-hand information’s column. This two letter is the short form of that country. In this way, you can find any countries short form.

For example, if you search Canada then you will see the ISO 3166 code CA. This means that the CA is a short form of Canada.

Secondly, the keyword is meant to mean those whose email address you want to find. For example, if you want an email list of SEO experts, then you must enter “SEO”, “SEO expert” and related keywords.

Thirdly, “in” in the URL is for premium customers or users and “pub” is for public users. You can get the different email address for using “in” and “pub” separately in the formula.

Look at the below example, “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” “SEO” OR “SEO expert” OR “local SEO expert” OR “SEO executive” OR “SEO consultant” OR “SEO service” OR “SEO analyser”

I need email only for SEO experts who live in the USA. So I wrote the US in the country. Similarly CA for Canada, AU for Australia and so on.

Now, I tell you the email collection procedure. Just follow the below step.

  1. Open Internet browser
  2. write: modify the formula by changing the country, keywords and user type(in or pub) you like and copy it into the google search box
  3. Go
  4. Copy all search result
  5. In another tab open Email Extractor 
  6. Here in “input window “paste the copied search result
  7. Extract
  8. You will get many emails
  9. Copy e-mail address and Save them into MS Excel file.

Your job has done. A valuable email list is now your hand.

Find out emails from specific websites

We already know a number of ways in the list building. Now we see how to find emails from a specific website. We will use a formula. It’s a million dollar worth tips. Keep following.

“Website name without extension” “mail server” “keyword”

Think, You have introduced a new trimmer in the market. Now you want to promote the product to people who are true buyers. Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace, from where people shop for thousands of products every day. You created an effective email marketing strategy targeting Amazon.

But where do you get these users email address?

→ Now we will use the above formula.

→ At first, you have to open Google browser.

→ According to the formula in the search box you have to write, Amazon in the section of website name without extension, in the mail server part and Trimmer Buyer in the keyword part.

→ Finally, you get like “Amazon” “” “trimmer buyer”

→ Now press Enter.

→ The result will show the users email who bought trimmers from Amazon.

By extracting you will get your desired email address. Extract procedure already showed in the previous technique.

In this way, with the desired keywords, you can collect Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail emails from any website, like Alibaba, Facebook, Twitter etc., according to your requirement.

Pick up email from targeting country

We already know how to extract the active people’s email on a specific website. But how can you find the specific people’s email in a particular country?

To find out, we have to apply another formula.

“Mail provider” “country” “keyword”

Here’s Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail is the email provider. Country means targeted region and keyword means the specific people.

Think all the SEO experts living in Canada need to find out their emails. According to formula,

“@” OR “@” OR “@” “Canada” “SEO”

The next steps are similar to the previous section. So I did not show it again. In this process, you can also create a good list building.

How to check email’s validity?

Now, how you understand the collected emails are really valid? To understand this, we need to test every email validity status.

  1. Open the MailTester
  2. Put an email in the “E-mail address”
  3. Click “Check address”
  4. If all the points in the email tester show green, then your email is 100% valid.

check email validity effective email marketing strategy

In this way, you have to test all the emails one by one. Keep the valid one in your list and delete the invalid one. Finally, you will get a valid list building in your hand to run an effective email marketing campaign.

Identifying Campaign Goal

Every job has a purpose. Before starting any work, if its purpose or goal is determined, then the probability of success is multiplied.

Establish email marketing goal is the second step of an effective email marketing strategy. In the first step, we learned how to build a list. That means if you want you can start email campaigns now.

But before starting the campaign you have to think about it, what are you actually trying to achieve with this campaign? What kind of campaigns do you send? To whom? What to send? Why send? How to evaluate the success? And accordingly sets the goal.

You must have clear ideas about your company’s marketing goals before setting an email marketing goal.

  1. Is your goal collecting more subscribers for the website?
  2. Collecting Leads for the Sales Team?
  3. Have more attendees for your event?
  4. Collect donations for your funds?
  5. Tell people about your product?
  6. Show your presence on the market?
  7. Lure to buy products?

Considering many such things, you have to set the campaign goal.

Through email marketing, a message can be delivered directly to a customer. So do not be hasty, take time to think and decide the goal. Because campaign success will depend on the goal set.

I figure some examples to give you clear ideas about the campaign goals. Let’s see. Hopefully, from here, you can understand what your goal should be.

Bring more visitors to the website

Think, you have earned a lot of revenue through your information and entertainment website by selling advertisements. More the visitors reach your site, more the revenue you will earn. So, what should be the purpose of your email campaign? Of course, increasing the number of visitors.

You can send a regular newsletter having the various news link to the subscribers. So that they may know about the latest and more popular news, even if they do not come to the website. By clicking on the provided link, they will move to your site very easily. As more visitors come, your revenues will be more. That means your two goals will be successful.

Service or product sales

You have an IT firm that offers various services like website development, website marketing, domain hosting service, SEO website audit, SEO service, online money making training, computer typing training and many more.

You have provided both in online as well as physical and through this, you get a big revenue. In this case, what is the purpose of your email campaign? Of course, sell more services.

So you have to promote the campaign in such a way that the audience feels interested in taking the service from you. Here, service sell is your main goal.

Keep the audience up to date

No doubt, McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food brand in the world. It does not need to introduce to the people anymore. The company has recently introduced an outlet in Bangladesh. Since their customers are scattered worldwide, they are asking them to reach the news. Now, what will be their email campaign?

The real purpose is to reach out to the customers about the expansion of their business. Now you have to create a campaign accordingly. Otherwise, your goal will not succeed.

Event promotion

You have an event management organization that organizes different types of events in the world. Your main objective is to increase ticket sales and make more people gather at the event.

In this case, your email marketing campaign shows up an update of participating artists, program schedule, date, time, venue to the subscribers. As a result, they knew about the event that would awaken them to convert into customs.

Similarly, if you are a motivational speaker and want to organize a webinar or for the business promotion of your company, want to organize a seminar, you will also need to set the campaign goals.

Accruing Fund

There are many organizations that work in the humanitarian aid. And their activities are usually dependent on donation. So, for organization money supply, sometimes they demand fund to the different people.

These organizations digital marketing team uses email marketing to reach the donor, educate them the purpose of the organization and what projects are working on. Finally, ask for donations to accomplish these tasks.

Please note, here you are not selling any service or product. Not even organizing an event. Email marketing goals must be set focusing financial support achievement for the organization.

Here I have shown some of many organization for as an example only. In this way, depending on your organization goals, you need to identify what you want to achieve with email and it wills helps you to set up an effective email marketing strategy that will achieve your marketing goals.

Design Email Template 

Email template means, the email you send to the customer what would it look like? We have already seen in Step 2, how to set an email goal to develop an effective email marketing strategy.

Now we will have to design our email template by prominently focusing that goal. Otherwise, we can not get the benefits of email marketing.

An email can be designed in a variety of ways. If you are expert in Photoshop, HTML, and CSS, you can easily design beautifully utilizing them.

But, if you do not have the skills on those tools, then how do you design? No need to worry. There are several types of email servers that provide built-in email templates facilities. You can create beautiful and responsive campaigns only by changing content.

Below I’ve mentioned some popular email servers name.

Constant Contact

And there are many other email servers that have their own ready templates.

All’s work is fairly similar, but have differences in performance. I’ll show you how to create and run a campaign using MailChimp. You can use any one as your choice.

How will be the email templates and body?

If you send an email using an HTML email template, then the width of the template is limited to 600 to 800 pixels. In HTML email template, images and CSS can be used as less as possible. In the email body, please mention Forward to a friend, Privacy Policy Link, Social Link.

With MailChimp, you do not have to worry about pixels. Because all their templates are in standard range.

Your campaign will be uncompleted if u do not consider below matter during template designing.

Embade Video is always delightful

You can add your YouTube videos to your email. The demand for video is increasing day by day, so its use can move you one step further.

Think about McDonald. We all know McDonald is a famous fast food brand. Recently, they introduce a new food item. Now their Digital Marketing team is planning to run an email campaign for the new item’s marketing, there are some images in the email and also a small video that shows the new item beautifully.

They did not do the video with the picture as the presentation, directly did the video of the item, showed different parts of it and which ingredient made it alluring.

This small video will attract more consumers, which will help them to increase their sales.

Again, if you want to email marketing for an event’s marketing, you can create a small video individually and give a brief description of the event, through which it can easily understand targeted audiences.

Photo or gif added extra attraction

Generally, we give a picture of the product in the email, if possible, place GIF in the photo. With a GIF you can easily show multiple products. It is possible to show some pictures from the same place. Two birds in one pile.

Offer is always amazed consumer

Try to offer something on every email, or offer any code with email or print the e-mail and show at the shop to get the discount, the products that are shown in the email, a discount on two product orders etc.

Its main objective is to increase the consumer’s interest in your email, even if the consumer does not grab your offer, they will be waiting for your next email and be eager to see what the next offer is.

Referrals are the opportunity to grab more customer

Generally, emails are sent to two types of audiences. One type is sent to those who have already consumed the product or service, and there is another kind of audience that is targeted to be associated with the business as a consumer.

You can refer to referrals in the email to the first kind of audience. If a consumer or service provider brings a new consumer, he will get a discount or a point at which he will be able to buy the product using the future.

MailChimp Template Builder

MailChimp is a bulk email sending platform. We already know that email marketing has to send an email to a lot of people together at a time. And for this, an email server is required through which these bulk emails can be sent.

In 2001, Ben Chestnut of Rocket Science Group, an American company introduced an email server named MailChimp. It was initially paid service and in 2009 it started the free service also. It’s Headquartered in Ponce City Market, Atlanta, Georgia.

MailChimp continues to serve customers in the email marketing industry with more than 700 employees. Using this email server, a customer can send thousands of emails at once.

Create an email campaign with MailChimp

To create a campaign you must have an account in MailChimp.

If you already have, please log in and if not, then you will have to go to MailChimp and create a free account with an email and password.

MailChimp template builder

After log in, a dashboard will appear.

Where you can see campaigns, templates, lists and reports options.

To design email, you have to select the template option from here. And you will move to two new options named File Manager and Create Template.

Select Create template.

A new page will be open.

Here you will find three options named Basic, Themes and Code your own.

Let’s talk about these three options.

There are just a few simple templates available in the basic options.

No categories listed here. That is, email newsletter or new product updates, etc., have not been mentioned separately.

But you can choose what you like to design from here.

For example, how many pictures you use or how to use, use more picture comparing text or how you want to customize everything you get inside this basic option.

Your job is to choose just one format and replace your favorite content instead of existing.

And you will get an elegant e-mail template.

There are various types of templates available in the Themes option.

For example, there are different designs for e-commerce product promotion, contest announcement, members collection and so on.

If you change the content that is the writing and the picture according to your needs, you will obtain a beautiful email design.

In the code your own option, you can design emails using HTML and other codes.

How you create an email template, some important fact have to remember, your template should have the similarity with the company, product or their website’s color and logo.

This will make email template look more professional.

Campaign Running

We’ve made list building, set goals, email designed also done.

Now we are ready to run the campaign.

In MailChimp, it is very easy to run a campaign.

However, before running any campaign we will have to check the following points.

Segmented list building

You have to segment each list according to each campaign.

Because if you run the same campaign on average, then your chances of success will be very low.

First of all, the email that collected at Step 1 will have to upload as a list in MailChimp with giving a name.

List can be upload in both .txt or .csv format.

A list can be created by input first name and last name also.

Have to list building with the different names for the different campaign, so that your task will be more convenience.

Have a look at how to create a list in MailChimp. Follow the steps sequentially.

→ Go to MailChimp dashboard

→ Select “Lists” option

→ Click the “Create List” option from the upper right corner

→ A new window “List details” will appear

→ In “List Name” put your campaign name. Keep in mind your subscriber will see this, so make it something appropriate

→ In “Default From email address” put the email address people will reply to

→ In “Default From the name” put your company name

→ In “Remind people how they signed up to your list” put something meaning full like “You are receiving this email because you subscribe our newsletter”

→ Fill up Company/Organization, Address, City, Zip/Postal Code, Country, Phone(optional) with appropriate information because it will appear in your email design

→ Click “Save”

→ A new window will appear. From here select “Import Contact”

→ Select “CSV or tab-delimited text file” (for import contact from .csv or .txt files). You can also select other two options as well

→ Upload CSV file

→ Click “Next” from the lower right corner

→ Click “Import” from the lower right corner

→ Done

Your list is ready to use.

Make sure your campaign is subscriber relevant

We have already said, every email campaign has a specific goal.

Considering to the business types and nature, we have to determine it and accordingly, the email will be designed.

Before you run a campaign, all you have to do is check your email design again. Whether it’s your goal oriented and is it suitable for whom you targeted.

For example, your IT firm offers 20% discount on online money making course only for women on the occasion of World Women’s Day.

In this case, your targeted customers are definitely women.

Now you have to design a campaign with the focus on girls.

Even for a body perfume, flavors are made separately for men and women, similarly, you need to check again to see whether the design is user-friendly according to your product.

A campaign should be easy to understand

Above all, you have to create a campaign that is easy to understand.

Research has shown that an adult person’s attention is span within 8 seconds, on average. Hence you need to run a campaign that is attracted to his attention at this time.

Ensure easy call-to-action button

When the users are satisfied with your email, they want to convert into a customer.

So, you should ensure the easy call to action button so that customer can take action quickly.

Campaign running in MailChimp

Now I’m going to show you how to run a campaign in MailChimp.

→ At first, we have to Go to MailChimp dashboard

→ Here we see “campaigns” option

→ Just click the “create campaign” option from the upper right corner

→ A new pop-up window will appear and show a message “What do you want to create?” with three option. Among them select “Create an Email”

→ Select “Regular” and give a campaign name

→ A new dashboard will appear with many options and you have to input data in each individual option

→ In “To” option you see “Who are you sending this campaign to?” and below it, “List” option appears. Clicking on the drop-down menu will show the list building we have already built. Just select your “pre-built” list. Enter “Save”

→ Then go to the “From” option. Here you see “Who is sending this campaign?”. Have to put your company name. Enter “Save”

→ Then “Subject” option along with “What’s the subject line for this campaign?” will appear. Normally, a user feels eager to read the e-mail after seeing the email subject. So, this portion is very very important for mail opening rate. Enter “Save”

→ “Content” option will come forward. Click “Design mail” from the right side

→ The new dashboard will appear. From here select “Saved template”. Here you see the email template that already you created

→ Click the selected design

→ Click “Save & Close” from below right corner

→ You are almost done. Click the “Send” button in the upper right corner

→ A new pop-up window will appear “Prepare for launch”. From below click “send now”

→ High Fives! Your campaign is in the send queue and will go out shortly

→ Done

Congratulations! You have run your email campaign successfully.

Result Evaluation

To understand how successful an email campaign was, have to evaluate the results.

Basically, you can understand from this section that how a customer is reacting to your email.

Email marketing is not limited to creating and running a campaign.

After running the campaign, understanding the customer reaction is very important.

Suppose you sent an email to 1000 people. Now how many people have reached your email, how many emails were opened, how many people have clicked on your link, how much revenue has gained through this campaign, and many more things you can learn by evaluating this result.

MailChimp has a resourceful guideline on email campaign reports. You should read.

Once you understand how people are reacting to your campaign, it will help you make the next decision.

Factors should be considered for an effective email marketing strategy

Email marketing has some rules. Due to unaware, many major incidents can also happen.

A few days ago I read in a blog, an Australian person was sent mistakenly twice the same business newsletter to a company. That is why the Australian man was suing the company. Consequently, the company was fined 10 thousand Australian dollars.

So, understand how much is needed to know the rules.

Subscribe or Get permission to email

Before sending a mail to the people have to get permission from them. Otherwise, your mail treats as a spam email. Then your mail will be stored in the spam box instead of the inbox. In such a way as he does not read your mail, on the other hand, ISPs will block you.

Getting permission is not a very difficult task. You can take permission in many ways.

For example, ask for an email with an offer or e-book promise. Those who interested will be your subscriber with their mail. Send mail only to them.

Add Unsubscribe option in the email

Unsubscribe option should be added to the email when you send an email to anyone. If someone is not interested in getting the next mail, then keep an arrangement that he can easily remove his name.

Send the email to the Ownership website

When sending an email for the promotion of your business, please send it from own email server or from the billed email server.

That means sending your business promotion email from Gmail or Yahoo!, potential buyers will lose confidence in you and you may feel like a spammer.

Subject confirming the right content

When mailed someone, the subject of the email should be clear and true.

So that everyone could see the contents of your email and see what comes inside.

You can write the subject of the right thing interestingly. But to increase the email opening rate, never lie or extra talk.

Send email using Physical Address

You must use your company’s physical address when sending an email to someone for a business promotion.

If not, at least one phone number must be put so that he can contact you. Otherwise, your potential customers won’t trust your company.

Warning to send the email with adult content

When you send an email to provide a client’s adult or dating service, then there is no doubt mentioning either “ADV: ADLT” or “ADLT” in the email subject. Otherwise, you can fall in big trouble.


Remember, your competitors are following you, the new business, as well as the seller of the same product or service, is increasing day by day, the likelihood and dislike of a consumer are constantly changing.

Your same type marketing strategy can be negative for you, so bring changes in the marketing, which will give new levels to your business’s sales.

Thank you for reading entire topic patiently.

Have any question?

Feel free to ask me. I’m available to assist.

Don’t forget to share with friends.

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