8 Free Online Project Management Software For Startups

The idea of ​​opening a start-up company has become very popular globally. If you are thinking of opening a start-up or have just opened a recently, then, of course, you need a project manager right now.

As a new start-up, it might not be able to afford a project manager at the moment. If this is your situation, then there are 8 free online project management software for you.

Free Project Management Software

Project management is very important not just for start-ups, but for any small and large business organization. For any project, have to do proper planning and implementation, managing time and schedule, ensuring the active participation of all officers and staff, management of various types of matters including necessary document preservation. Which is often a very complicated and difficult task.

But don’t worry, now you can freely leave all these complex and time-consuming tasks on any project management software. No, you don’t have to spend money on this, all are free and open source.

8. Taiga (Taiga.io)

If you want to manage your project in Agile software development, Taiga is a very good option. Agile is a project management system where software is developed by making the client a part of the development team. This is actually a matter of great detail. For those who don’t know, maybe one day I’ll write an article on it.

However, only a few days ago, Taiga was an underground project management tool, which has now become fully integrated project management software. With multiple modes, this software allows you to manage everything you need to manage user stories, backlogs, as well as Agile processes.

Although the software full version is paid, you can use all the Pro features in its free version. None of these features have been restricted for the Pro version. Rather, there are some benefits that you won’t get in other Agile software. For example, video conferencing available in this software.

However, there are several limitations of this software. You cannot manage more than one private project at the same time with this software. Their server is a bit slow because of the beta version. Many users have given negative reviews about their user interface. However, it is expected that Taiga will be able to overcome these limitations successfully in the original version.

Use Taiga

7. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects software like Taiga.io is also another featured software, which does not impose a restriction on the free version for users to use any features. Zoho Projects also has a GantChart option for users to develop software in the waterfall model so that users can set up complex projects and milestones as well. Also, the Zoho Project gives you 5 pre-made reporting templates to ease the hassle of writing your task report.

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However, one of the major disadvantages is that free users will get only 10 MB of storage. However, with $25 a month, you can upgrade your user account from 5GB to 30GB. Nevertheless, due to this storage problem of free users, we are putting this software a little lower on the list.

Use Zoho

6. GanttProject

The GanttProject is another great open-source of free project management software. There is almost no work that Gant cannot do. Gantt chart and PartChart are all available in this software, from showing project reports in HTML and PDF formats, quickly creating project schedules, assigning tasks, setting milestones, and figuring out where workflow problems occur.

However, the only disadvantage is that being advanced software with numerous features it will be difficult for new users to use the software.

Use GanttProject

5. Meister Task

Meister Task is very good software for project management. It will get almost everything you need. All the importer features including Unlimited User, Unlimited Storage, Time Tracking, Issue Tracking will be available on the Meister task. Its user interface is also nice and easy to use. And you can integrate your Meister task account with any of the two within GitHub, Dropbox, Google Drive, Zendesk.

Of course, you cannot use Ganttchat, CCPM (critical chain project management) features using this software.

Use Meister Task

4. Wrike

Wrike software is another great software for project management. It offers 5 GB free storage for free users. With this software, you can integrate your Wrike account with Google Drive, Box, iCal and many other sites.

If your team is small, Wrike is truly a wonderful project management software. You will get all the benefits of important task management. You can also increase your storage through integration into different accounts. And you can upgrade your account with an extra $9.5 per month for extra features.

However, one of the major problems with Wrike is that it will only support a maximum of 5 users for free users. Moreover, you cannot use the benefits of GanttChat, Time Tracking, Real-Time Reports, etc. without upgrading.

Use Wrike

3. Asana

Asana is an extremely popular project management software. The software capita rating is 4.5/5 of around 1.5 lakh users. From this statistic, you may realize that you can use the software blindly for your project management.

The software is designed by Dustin Moskovic, a Facebook co-founder. If your team is not too big and your team needs real-time interaction, this software is designed for you. Asana’s free version also supports 5 users. With it you can set goals for others on your team, track time, set their work priority, and keep track of how much work they have done. And last year they also launched their own Android app.

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However, you cannot use it offline. And another problem is that there are users complaint about their customer support.

Use Asana

2. Britix 24

You will find Unlimited User Support in the free version of Britix 24. And you will get up to 5 GB of storage. You can get more storage at a cost of $39 a month.

You also want to use their cloud storage or your own self-hosted storage. And you’ll also get many more benefits including creating Ganttchats, tracking time, managing your employer’s workload.

In addition to project management, you can use Dropbox as an alternative. The free version also has 5GB of storage to save data and you can easily share it.

And the difficulty is that if you do not have previous experience for its numerous functions you will have to gain some momentum to manage it. If you are wondering why this is not a number 1, after all, let’s look at the number one software.

Use Britix 24

1. Freedcamp

Freedcamp’s free version gives you software with unlimited users, unlimited projects, unlimited storage, countless functionalities with excellent UI.

Also, if admin wants, users can get access and modification permissions down to the client level. Freedcamp allows you to do almost everything, including time tracking, invoicing. And because getting so much in its free version, it’s named Friedcamp.

This software is also very easy to use for users. Notification of the project will be notified to users through notification. Not only that, but their web site is also quite user-friendly for use on mobile and their iOS app.

However, critics say Friedcamp lacks some features, including Ganttchat, recurring tasks, task dependency. However, it is expected that in the next update they will add these features and make them more user-friendly.

Use Freedcamp

Final Word

So, that’s it with free project management software. Please let us know in the comments box which software suits you best or which one you use for your startup’s project management. And, be sure to share the post. This will benefit anyone you know who plans to open a start-up business. Thanks.

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