How To Get Google Adsense Account Approval Quickly – 6 Secret Tricks

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Everybody wants to know how to get Google Adsense Account Approval Quickly. Today I will tell you some secret tips and tricks. Well, we know that Google Adsense is the most Highest Paying Ad Network in the Web World. Below are some simple Tips And Tricks To Get Google Adsense Account Approval Quickly. Every Blogger Wanted to have a Google Adsense Approve Account, it keeps gives you Recurring income Month after Month. Apply for Google Adsense Account is not really hard. But Remember a few Important Factor before Applying for Adsense Account. Here is the list of some factor which you should check before sent you Application to Google Adsense Team.

  1. Site under construction.
  2. Not enough pages or content.
  3. Not enough traffic.
  4. A site that doesn’t comply with the policy.

How To Get Google Adsense Account Approval Quickly.

1. Need important pages.

When you take the decision to apply for Adsense then you should ensure your site has important pages. The important page means some pages that can easily highlight your website. Your site should have a privacy policy, contact page, human readable sitemap, about us pages. By these pages, the search engine can easily understand your intention. Do not try to make your site as a money making machine. The money will be generated automatically if you can provide better services or content. So keep your concentration on your site’s services.

2. Use Real Names And Address:

Always Applying with your Real Name don’t use your Nickname. There are Many People who use their Nickname to apply for Google Adsense account. This is not good practice. Enter Proper Address Details while Submitting your Application because Google Adsense team do check your Domain Who is Data to Compare with your Applications.

3. Apply Only Once

Always Apply once for Google Adsense Account, Generally, they reply in 3 to 4 day, If you Submitted your Application to Google Adsense team and you don’t Receive any Approve or Rejection Email’, Wait don’t Apply Again and Again you Surely Receive Email from Google Adsense side about your Application.

4. Quality Content

This Very Major Point in Google Adsense Account Approval Process your Website must Have well Written and Quality Content. Lots of New Blogger’s Copy Content from other Blog and Pasted on their Blog with some Modification, If Someone Apply for New Adsense Account with Duplicate Content on Their Blog Then Application Would be Rejected Immediately.

5. Ensure Traffic

Before applying google Adsense your site should have enough traffic. Enough traffic does not mean force visitors. Proper guidelines are, make your site, published quality content, ensure proper SEO. When you can see you are getting visitors from the search engine then it will be the perfect time to apply for Google Adsense.

6. One User for One Adsense

Search engine always recommends a single Adsense for a user. Because you can easily use ads code for your multi websites from a single Adsense account. If you try to apply for a multi-account using the same address and phone number then Google Adsense team can ban your old account. To Prevent Google Adsense Account Getting Banned then you must have to follow Google Adsense Terms and Condition.

Following the above Steps, I got Google Adsense Account Approval within Just 2 days for My Other Tech Blog. Why Not You?

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