How to increase blog traffic fast – 10 Killer Blogging Tips For Newbie

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If you are a newbie in the world of blogging then you should have the knowledge on how to increase blog traffic fast in future. First of all, if you are going a make a new blog then first choose your favorite niche on what you are going to blog about and who will be your target readers. Here I am sharing some important tips with you for getting traffic to your blog. Here are some easy tips which are also used by many webmasters for getting traffic to their blogs.

How to increase blog traffic fast to A New Blog?

1. Join Social networking sites.

Social networking sites also help to bring more traffic to the site. You should plan to make a good and huge network on social networking sites.

2. Write Unique Content.

Try to write some interesting and meaningful contents. Stick to your topic in which you are writing. Publish articles on regular basis to get maintain a flow of visits.

3. Make Readers Friendly Blog.

Ask readers what they want in your blog. You can ask your readers what they want from your site. Write a post by asking the reader’s choice. And Fast Reply to readers comment.

4. Leave Comments on Other Blogs.

Blog Commenting is very popular these days. This method has really changed the way to build backlinks. So Leave your comments on other related niche blogs. Leaving comments on different blogs will give you an identity and you can also get some visits to your blog. 

5. Apply Suitable Title to the Content.

Choosing attractive titles for your content. Content plays a vital role in your blogging career. Search engines find the titles with attractive or catchy words that will help you to get more traffic. Catchy titles can also get you some links to your site.

6. Guest Posting on related niche blogs.

Guest posting is another great way to get some hits to your site. You can find someone’s blog which is related to your niche and write a guest post for them. Guest posting on other sites will pay you a backlink to your site and if people love your content they will obviously visit your site.

7. Use social bookmarking sites.

Use social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, delicious, Pinterest. Publish your post in these bookmarking sites can also get you too much traffic to your site.

8. Join High PageRank forums.

Join forums. Take part in forums post there, help other peoples. You can get a few hundred hits to your site by putting your site’s link in your signature. Remember that do not spam in forums, otherwise, you will be banned from those forums. If you are using descriptive anchor text in your sig file you will be rewarded with a high click-through rate. Then you gain some popularity in the forum then use your blog link in your signature as well as in the posts. 

9. On-page Optimization

Focus on on-page optimization for getting organic traffic from search engines.

10. Email Signature.

Put your URL in your email signature. Many email clients allow having a signature at the end of each mail. Put your site link as a signature.

I hope After tried those ways or tips you can get a better response so never miss any above point. After applied the above points so you get traffic to your new or old blog. I think you are now clear about how to increase blog traffic for free. Just apply on your site and enjoy.

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