What is Internal and External linking? The Importance of Linking

Everyone we work with within SEO knows more or less about Internal and External linking. We also know that this link is one of the ranking factors. That’s why we publish articles with links. However, the problem is that many of us link without knowing it and some of us do it knowingly. Today’s article is for those who force light the green light on Yoast SEO with the link.

What is an internal link?

Internal links are links within yourself. That means you are going to publish an article, linking to other articles on your same site so that when a visitor comes to read your article, they will click on your internal link to read another article. This will increase the dwell time and reduce the bounce rate. Will rank faster with that.

It’s so simple, let’s talk a little differently. We all know that articles have to be in-depth, that is, the more you cover the topics related to your keywords, the more indefinitely your article will become in-depth. And if this type of article is short, it is more likely to be ranked.

Internal linking plays a very important role in proving an article in-depth. It is clear from the experiments of Jobayer Academy.

The more relevant internal links an article has, the more value will get in search engines. Quick indexing, search console will pick up keywords faster and rank faster.

I say clearly again, relevant links are needed, not unwanted links. Although this linking has discussed in more detail in our Silo article. You can read if you want.

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What is an external link?

Our main mistake is in this chapter. Many of us do not understand what is the external link? That’s why I light green light on Yoast SEO by grabbing and linking to any site.

To understand external links, first, you must understand what an article is. Simply, an article is a study or research on a single topic. And what do we have to do in this research? Must read lots of articles or books. When we present the matter in our own language then it is called an article.

The article does not mean twisting the sentences of another’s article or spinning the whole article.

Now let’s not clear the matter, I have shared a piece of information with you today inside the above quotation.

Now suppose you sit down to write an article whose topic is internal linking. Then you can mention in your article, says Jobayer Academy,

The more relevant internal links an article has, the more value the article will get in search engines. Quick indexing, search console will pick keywords faster and rank faster. I totally agree with that.

Since you have explained the speech of Jobayer Academy, you should give the link of where Jobayer Academy has said this. So you can link the word underlined above to the original article. So that visitors can easily believe your article. Then the visitor will think that since you do not speak without reference, of course, your article is believable. And how much a visitor trusts you, that visitor is likely to return to your site again. Even your brand value will increase. On the other hand, search engines will also start trusting you. And search engines trust your article rank for sure.

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So in a nutshell, an external link is a reference to something. It is not light the green light in Yoast by force. In the same way, an internal link is to keep the visitors stuck with the links in your various articles. And the more you can stick to it, the more likely it is to be ranked in search engines.

Hopefully, I have been able to explain Internal and External linking issues to you. So there is no chance to ignore these two poisons. So, according to today, so far, everyone will be fine. See you again in the new article. God bless you.

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