The Ultimate Guide For Newbies To Make Animated Videos

Creating even the simplest animated video seems like a daunting task. You have to focus on a lot of aspects and strive to keep the motion in perfect sync. Whether you have an experienced team of professionals or you plan to complete it yourself, the animated video takes days to get completed.

As the technological world is evolving at a faster pace, it gets harder to bring innovations as every other company or expert is battling to reach to the top by making captivating videos. Being a newbie, you might be troubled to make a highly advanced animated video, to assist you in creating fun-filled videos here is a list of techniques mentioned below:

Compose a Stellar Script

The first step involves the creation of an engaging and compelling video script. You have to jot down all the important points present in a video. The first part address the common problems users have been facing related to your service or product. The second part involves offering a quick solution while pitching your product.

And the third part involves explaining and introducing your product/ service. The explainer videos are at max 60-90 seconds long. In this precise duration, you have to summarize the rich meanings that are so powerful that a viewer gets helplessly attracted.

Animation Style

When creating the storyboard you have to identify the type of your animation. Animation is divided into many categories including whiteboard animation, stop-motion video, 2D/3D animated videos, and video scribing.

The storyboard for each type differs as in whiteboard animation you simply have to divide the entire plot into a series of scenes, as to which part appears and how to present that part. However, in 2D and 3D animation, each scene is further divided into smaller frames depicting the movement of objects and characters.

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Storyboard Creation

A storyboard plays an important role in a video animated production. It assists animators to get the perfect idea as to how the video will look like. It has the idea of a background, color tone and covers the characterization. For novice animators, storyboard creation will let them predict the scope of their story.

They will be able to judge the effectiveness of their creation and can bring possible improvisation to double the efficiency of the video. Storyboard involves the exact depiction of the plot in the form of images and pictures. The scenes are sketched or hand-drawn to get digitally transferred.

Animated your Video

Once you are done creating your storyboard and have elected your video type, you have to add motion on your graphics. To carry out this step you have to first make digital illustrations of your scene. Convert the hand-drawn images into digitally illustrated one.

You have to add a suitable background and a piece of serene music to suit your video content. Next is to add motion on individual elements and characters. You have to select each part of your video to add the possible animation.

Do make sure to keep a check on synchronization of your content. You have to evoke emotions through your video and for that be more conscious and trigger excitement among the viewers. Use appropriate colors and utmost creativity.

Add a Voice Over

The best thing you can do to your video animated production is to add a proper voice over. By the help of voice-overs, you can sustain the attention of viewers and give your brand a face and voice to interact with its target audience.

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Use Best in Class Tools

Animation can be made simpler by the help of professional tools and software. You can drive the most out of your creativity by putting your hands on some reputable tools in the online world. Tools like Powtoon and Adobe Illustrator comes handy with incredible range of features and ready to use templates/icons and images.

You must gear up with tools like curve creator to fine line your edges and curves. Moreover, when adding the detailing in your video you need to seek real-life inspiration to create realistic animation for your brand. The more realistic your animation is the more captivating the content will turn into.

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