How You Can Make Business & Make Money From Twitter?

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Do you want to make your business with twitter for earning purpose? Most of use Twitter just for fun or to promote our brands online. If you are someone who has been using Twitter without any clue then it is high time for you to change your twitter handle into a business franchise. If you spend a lot of time on Twitter every day then I’m assuming you to have thousands of followers who not only follow you but also listen to what you are saying. I’m telling you, my friend, that your Twitter account can turn into a gold mine for you only if you know how to use it properly. Of course, you can still keep using Twitter for fun purpose but making some extra bucks while having fun is not a bad idea at all. In this post, I will tell you how you can establish a business by using your Twitter profile and how you can make money from twitter.

Ways To Make Money From Twitter

Direct Advertisement

You probably have a large number of followers on Twitter which means that whatever you say spreads to thousands of people who are using Twitter and following you. Well, if you really have some great following then you can start selling direct advertisement services. I know many people who have quite established twitter profiles and they also advertise for some other companies as well. You can make a deal with a couple of companies that are interested in using your services and start recommending or promoting their product on your Twitter profile.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are interested in making some serious money from Twitter then you can go for affiliate marketing as well. It is just like a direct advertisement but if someone really buys a product just because you recommended it, you will get a handsome commission. For more information about affiliate marketing and its benefits, you can search on the internet. If a company approaches you to promote their services/ products on the internet then you can ask to work as their affiliate and get a good commission from every sale that has been made from your twitter profile.

Paid Reviews

On Twitter, it is all about following. If you have a big number of followers then what you say has some weight in it. It simply means that if you review a product and shares your views about it, people will really become interested in buying that product. You can either make or break that product with your review. So, why not offer your paid review services to different companies and marketers? You can charge a handsome amount of money to write paid reviews for a particular product or service and share the review links with your followers on Twitter.

Above mentioned are only a few ways that I could come up with to make a business and start earning money with Twitter. However, if you have just started using Twitter then keep in mind that the above tips are not for you. To become successful on Twitter, you need to have a huge following (real followers not egg followers).

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