How Can One Make Money From Blogging in 2020

Make money with affiliate marketing and earn passive income – was the last money-making post. To its continuation, today’s post is all about How can one make money from blogging in 2020?

Some people work with a blog because they want to share their ideas, knowledge, and expertise on certain topics. On the other hand, several individuals do it to talk about their experiences or express their opinions and thoughts. Then, there are corporate bloggers who create content for marketing purposes.

How about you, do you have a blog too? What is your reason for doing it?

Now, what I have not mentioned is that other people are working to make money from a blog. Some want to rake in extra cash, while others wish to obtain full-time income. If this is your main goal yet you have not gotten far, the following strategies can help you to make money online.

Ways to make money from blogging in 2020

1. Getting Readership

You probably know that success comes with a thorough process.  Most of the time, you have to follow certain steps.

  • Determine your niche and the demographics you will serve.
  • Come up with ways to capture your audience’s interest.
  • Think of topics that you know are capable of drawing many readers and plenty of cash.

As mentioned, your success is not instant. You will likely need to work on your site and content for a few months before you can actually generate significant income. Typically, your earnings will vary depending on your promotional and branding efforts.

2. Understand that there are Overhead Costs

Other than starting out with a good amount of readership, you must “spend money to make money”. This rings true most of the time (if not, always).

Since you are serious about getting income through blogging, you have to invest.

“For what”, you may ask. Well, here are two common expenses.

  • Paid hosting – It is better to seek a charged service because you can take advantage of complete site management and other great offers.
  • Web design and development – This is applicable if you have less idea about advanced computer technology. Given that several readers are visual and prefer both aesthetics and valuable content, you must never forget this aspect.
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3. Specialize in a Niche that you love

How can you pour passion and dedication to something if you don’t like it in the first place?

This is one of the reasons many individuals are not successful with their careers; they don’t love what they are doing.

Therefore, pick a field where you can excel. If you have plenty of interests and you are not sure which to focus on, it has to be something you are…

  • Passionate with
  • An authority on
  • Knowledgeable with

When you consider these factors, you won’t find it difficult to create content regularly and establish a great brand image.

4. Check out Affiliate Networks

Once you have figured out #3, you can start looking for programs or organizations you can work with. While you are doing so, make sure the products or services you choose are relevant to your niche.

Additionally, learn about the payment methods as well as the terms and conditions. Most importantly, ensure that the offer is not a scam.

One common indication of illegal activity is if the group asks for a membership fee.

5. Create Killer Content

Each time you make a post, remember that you are not free blogging and that you do not just input every idea, which pops into your head. Instead, you must apply these methods.

  • Come up with a topic that relates to your offers or connects with your niche.
  • Optimize the page using basic techniques such as keyword use, link building, and coding.
  • Place images to give your readers and potential customers an initial look into your services or goods.

6. Don’t Just Sell

Even if you are using your blog for affiliate marketing, it does not have to be hard selling. If your result in loud promotions, you might lose the interest or trust of your target audience.

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Instead, apply humor, but make sure that your words don’t sound offensive or bland.

Additionally, use a writing approach that seems as if you are talking directly to the users. This way, you can keep them engaged.

Finally, encourage them to interact with you through comments or questions.

7. Socialize Your Blog

Now, this is not limited to social networking on Facebook or Twitter and photo sharing on Pinterest (Virtual Socialization Website). This strategy goes beyond building an online community.

Perhaps, the best way to meet prospects is to go out and participate in local events. Talk to the people, especially your target customers. Take note of their concerns and preferences, doing so helps you come up with better articles.

So why not try to measure your social media influence.

You need to keep in mind that while several people are using social media these days, some individuals prefer old methods.

8. Measure and Analyze Your Marketing Campaign

It is not enough to check out your revenues to determine if your techniques have been effective or not. You must use data-gathering tools such as Google Analytics.

This way, you will know if you need to ditch your current strategies or tweak them just a little.

Final Thoughts

With these basic ideas, you have a better chance of making money. And, if you still ask yourself this, “Can blogging really provide me income”, you have to know that it depends on the amount of effort and dedication you put into it.

Most of all, you have to be aware that it is not just a matter of following the ideas in this article, it is also about finding out which techniques suit your goals.

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