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Is it possible to Make Money From Blogging today?

Of course. And a lot.

It is easy?

No, but if you stop being guided by your intuition and use the right strategies, you will greatly increase your chances.

I created my first blog in mid-2013. At first, it was simply a free blog where I shared my thoughts on personal development and, despite all the effort I put into it, during the first 12 months of the blog’s life I didn’t see a penny.

In fact, I was about to throw in the towel on several occasions.

But one fine day, while hopelessly checking my account by the umpteenth, I saw that I had just made two dollars thanks to the advertising I had put on the blog. Although it seems like a ridiculous amount, it tasted like glory to me: I had finally proven that it was possible.

That’s when I decided to take it seriously, learn about blogging and digital marketing, and try to turn it into an online business.

A few years later, it had already become my main source of income. Today it generates about 4,000 dollars a month in a totally passive way, which has allowed me to quit my job, travel for 6 months a year, and start other online businesses.

And I assure you that you can also Make Money From Blogging, whether you only aspire to get a few extra dollars or if you intend to live exclusively from it.

If you are willing to try it, in this guide I am going to reveal the most efficient ways to make money, the strategy to create a blog with economic potential, and several examples of bloggers who are already doing it.

How much money can you earn?

First, the question that many people ask themselves. And the answer is it depends.

I know blogs about personal development that are around 1,000 dollars a month, but there are also bloggers about travel or online businesses that bill more than 30,000 dollars a month selling video courses or recommending third-party products. In a survey of various bloggers, 48% earned less than $ 100 per month from their blog, but 19% earned 1,000 or more:

After all, a blog is just a platform where someone shares content and establishes a relationship with their readers. From there, there are countless ways to monetize it.

Some require less work to start up, such as advertising, and others more, but generally the economic potential of a blog is usually determined by two aspects:

  • The theme you choose
  • The effort you put into it

The Theme You Choose

In the final section of this guide, I explain why the theme you choose for your blog is so important and how to make sure you are choosing a high-potential one, but first I want to remind you that the myth that the more visits a blog has is not true. , the more income you will generate.

There are very small blogs that bill astronomical figures because they are in sectors where advertising pays very well (such as trading or languages) or because they have built a reputation among their readers and offer very expensive services.

As a general rule, the less impact on someone’s life the theme of that blog can have, the more visits it will need to earn a decent figure. A blog about health or entrepreneurship probably needs much less to generate a decent salary.

The Effort You Put Into It

The effort you are willing to put in is also a fundamental part of this equation.

Books like Tim Ferris’ 4-Hour Work Week have popularized the idea that making money from a blog is totally passive. You believe it, you write from time to time, and you forget.

But all that glitters is not gold. I know many professional bloggers (myself included) who have to work even on weekends. Although at least they do it in something they like!

Keep in mind that to Make Money From Blogging you will have to invest many hours, especially at the beginning. Maintaining a blog is not passive at all: if you relax, you risk being overtaken by the competition and burying yourself in the depths of the Internet.

And is that today the Internet is much more competitive than a few years ago. Although the earning potential is greater because people have lost the fear of shopping online, it is also more difficult to be visible.

In other words: today it costs more work to earn money, but you can also earn much more.

In my experience, after creating several websites and talking to many bloggers, with a good topic and dedicating the right time, after a year you could be generating between 300 and 2,000 dollars per month. But I insist: it depends.

Logically, if you only want to earn an extra each month, you will not have to dedicate as much effort as if your goal were to make a living from your blog. But to make a living from it, you must be willing to sacrifice much of your free time.

How To Make Money From Blogging: 10 practical ways

How to monetize a blogger is something you will have obsessed with. It is logical that you want to make your website profitable. Who did not want to get the most out of their work?

But as I will tell you later, do not think that it is to create a blog and make money first. Everything takes time.

First, you have to invest your efforts in getting visitors or an audience. Those readers will gradually become subscribers because with your content you will add brutal value to them.

And when you already have subscribers and you know their needs, just at that moment, it is when you can think about how to make money with a blog.

But let’s get down to business.

Keep in mind that there are neither better nor worse ways to earn money with your blog. That depends on the type of business you intend to monetize the web with.

What I want to tell you is that all the forms that I show you are neither ordered by preference nor by results.

For example, I do not want to apply advertising on my blog, for me this system is the worst. However, for other people, it is the only way they have to live from their online platforms.


Let’s go there.

1. Advertising

I know it, I have read about it, I have received offers, but I have not tried it yet. So I can’t present you with real evidence, but I can do that of other people who are advertising on their blogs.

1.1. CPC Advertising

CPC = Cost per click. In other words, they pay you every time a user clicks on one of your ads.

There are many networks for this type of advertising, but without a doubt, the most popular is Google AdSense. The “good” thing about this method is that Google chooses the ads for you based on the interests of the user who enters your website.

Not all clicks have the same income, depending on the theme of the ad, more or less is charged.

Earning money with AdSense is difficult at first. Think that for this system to be profitable, the key is to attract a lot of traffic to your page.

Here is a tutorial in which friend Bruno explains everything wonderfully well.

1.2. CPA Advertising

CPA = Cost per action. With this form, you monetize the web every time the user performs a specific action. It can be filling out a form, a survey, or registering on a platform. There are many variants.

The commission is much higher than in the case of the CPC, obviously, also the percentage of clicks decreases a lot.

MaxBounty is an example of a well-known CPA advertising network.

1.3. Private advertisers

Another way to insert advertising in blogs is to locate private advertisers. It is about contacting companies or people who want to advertise a product or service on your website in exchange for a little money (or a lot of money). It is another very common way to monetize a blog.

Typically, these agreements are reached manually. Either you present an offer to the company you want to advertise or they will contact you for this.

As soon as you increase visibility, it comes alone. I, who am by no means the blogger with the most visits in the world, get at least one monthly consultation of this type. And that I have made clear in the contact form that I do not advertise.

You can usually set your prices based on the size of the banner and the position it is in. For example, if it is at the top of the home page it will be much more expensive than if it is at the end of the sidebar.

In any of the 3 forms of advertising, I suggest you use them wisely. Do not put advertising that has nothing to do with your theme or spammer ads that do not interest your audience. The only thing you would do is scare your readers away.

As I told you before it is logical that as a blogger you want to monetize, but do not do it at any cost. If you put advertising on your blog without any criteria, you will charge the trust that your readers have placed in you.

2. Membership

This is one of the ways that I have the most affection because it was through which I began to earn money with the blog.

An affiliation is a form of marketing with which you monetize the web by promoting products that have been created by other companies, factories, bloggers, etc.

If you have managed to create an audience you can promote this product on your blog. If any of the people you refer to the seller’s website ends up buying this product, you earn a commission for the sale.

The best thing about this is that you do not have to invest any time in creating your own products to sell, nor do you have to support customers. All this is done by the company that markets the product.

The decisive factors for this type of business are:

Relevance: something that interests your audience very much because it is their number 1 concern.

Credibility: You promote it because you’ve tried it and you know it’s great. You base your judgments on your own positive experience.

Value contribution: explains how the product/service is used. Include step-by-step tutorials or even video tutorials if necessary. The clearer and more valuable content you generate, the more you will sell.

Links: very natural links. It doesn’t take many, one at the beginning and one at the end is more than enough.

Keep in mind that whatever way you use to make your website profitable, the key to selling online is trust.

Don’t make the mistake of recommending something just because the commission is high, before you know it you would have lost your readers. Offer only worthwhile products and/or services.

That is the secret of creating a blog and making money.

2.1. Where to find affiliate products?

There are many platforms where companies register so that you can access their products and sell them as an affiliate. I leave you some:

On this page, you can see a lot of affiliate networks. All of the left.

There are other platforms that have their own internal affiliate systems, such as Amazon affiliate marketing or World Nomads. You will only have to create a user to register and obtain the affiliate links to the products.

Another very useful resource is working as affiliate programs of bloggers who monetize by selling their own courses or books. For this, keep in mind that the best way to do it is to buy their products/services and leave them a good reference.

If you have been their student they already know you. You have already experienced the benefits of such products, you can evaluate them and write a good review.

By knowing very well what you are going to sell, you can contribute an extra to complete the course and do your bit to help this blogger monetize.

Remember, the more you value the more sales.

If you want to learn how to make money with your travel blog with this method, I recommend my course on Reviews.  This is the best way to earn money from membership.

3. Sponsorships

Once you have generated a powerful brand, either from you (personal brand) or from your project (blog or website), you can consider monetization through the payment of sponsorships by third parties, brands, or companies.

The agreement can be of several forms. From putting a banner on your website in exchange for a fixed monthly price (this would go into the ads section) to selling a mention for one of your social networks. It could also be the writing of a sponsored post.

Come on, they pay you to advertise a company through your social networks, your articles, or the sale of space on your blog.

Can you pay me to tweet?

Well yeah, cool right?

The price is up to you, but this should be based on the visits your blog has, your followers on the networks, and the value of your brand. Although then you can always reach agreements on price variations.

If you are interested in making money with a blog in this way, I recommend them because I have the pleasure of meeting the creators of this platform and I know first-hand that they work very well.

They will soon visit the blog to tell you about their project in the first person.

If you ride it well and have a lot of visibility you can earn a lot of money.

When we start we all dream of writing a blog and making money. As you have seen, it is not impossible to achieve it. Gain visibility, earn a personal brand and your blog will be profitable sooner than you think.

Do you want to start now? Enter here and learn how to get sponsors to travel the world thanks to your blog.

3.1. Blogs Trips

Within travel blogs, you can access this type of sponsorship. Normally they don’t pay you, well they do pay, but only for the trip, not in cash. In other words, they invite you to travel for free in exchange for sponsoring a brand through your blog and social networks.

I personally do not like travel because I prefer to go my own way. I don’t want to advertise certain hotels, transportation, travel packages, etc. I don’t travel like that, nor is it my philosophy, that’s why I have rejected the blog trips to which I have been invited.

But if you are comfortable, you share the philosophy of the company that organizes the trip and is going to add value to your readers (this is the key), it is highly commendable to take advantage of this method to make a few trips at the paid expense.

4. Services

Can you really make money with a blog? How many times have you asked yourself the same question looking for information on the subject online?

Well here is the easiest way to start, offer services.

Have you really never considered selling something you know how to do in exchange for money on your blog?

You actually sell your time for what is not a scalable business. However, it is a very fast way to start generating income since you do not need to create a product. You give something that you already have, your time, and your knowledge.

The only problem is that if you do not have sufficient visibility and authority, you will most likely not sell anything. I already mentioned it to you in last week’s article, if as soon as you start your blog you focus on selling, bad business.

In my case, from day 0 when I opened the blog, I already had a sales page available where I sold “Travel Consulting” and “Travel Planning”.

Was something sold? No, almost, but no.


Because I did not have enough visibility or authority for someone to buy my services. In addition, I had not done a good market study, which meant that what I was selling was not in demand. In other words, no one was willing to pay what I asked.

The first thing you have to do is analyze the needs of your audience. Without being clear about that, it is impossible to blog and earn money.

4.1. What is the key to selling a service/product?

I follow a very basic rule of very dummies.

I do not release ANYTHING that my previous readers/subscribers/clients have not previously requested.

As simple as that. With this, I make sure that at least one person is going to pay for the new thing that I am going to put on sale. Note that what hurts or worries one person, usually happens to many, only that the others do not say it. That implies that you do not sell a service, but a few fall.

As you can see, the key to making money with a blog is to detect what your customers need. That is the most important.

Then, to create the service, all you have to do is write your sales page and plan some general lines about what you are going to do when you are hired.

You shouldn’t take more than an afternoon or two on this.

As an example, I attach my services:

Blog audit : 11 have been sold in less than 3 months. 11 x $ 147 = $ 1617.

Mentoring: In the first week I had 5 requests and I accepted (sold) 2. The second week I agreed to work with a third person.

That is, 1,497 euros x 2 = $ 2,994. Well, not? 

5. Products and Infoproducts (digital products)

From now on when I refer to info products I will be talking exclusively about digital info products, not physical info products.

Infoproductos = information product, knowledge. Examples: book, DVD, file folder, etc.

Physical info product = book (printed on paper, the lifelong one) or face-to-face course.

Info product digital = electronic book, eBook. Automated Online Course.

Personally, I prefer the latter because you don’t need to create a physical product, plan distribution, management, shipping, etc. Although you can also save this with a technique that I will explain below.

Also, if you manage to automate the sale and delivery of the info-product 100%, you are in the field of generating passive income.

If your idea is to make a blog to earn money and make a living from it, my recommendation is that you undoubtedly create info products.

You will work hard to create it, but as we will see later, that info-product you will be able to sell for years. It will make you earn money with your blog indefinitely.

5.1. Products. Online shop

If you want to sell them through your online platform, I recommend that you use Woocommerce.

Here is a tutorial on how to create an online store with WooCommerce.

Remember that when making money with a blog in this way it is important that you take shipping costs into account. Depending on the country where you are, the cost of shipping may or may not lower the profitability of the product.

5.2. Dropshipping

This is a technique in which you manage customer service, billing, and promotion, while the company creates, stores, packages, and ships the items on your behalf.

Do you really want to know how to make money with a blog and dropshipping?

Spend time finding a good supplier. The key to monetizing your website with dropshipping is the margins per sale. Do not settle for the first one you find, research and study the market prices.

Dropshipping greatly simplifies all the management and problems involved in an online store, but to make your website profitable you need minimal margins.

If I ever consider creating a store, I would use this method without a doubt.

5.3. Infoproducts

This is my preferred way to earn money from my blog.

It consists of creating and packaging your knowledge to sell it automatically.

The downside is that you need a prior time for development. Sometimes, if you are preparing a powerful Online Program, like that of my friend Omar, it can last for months.

During this period you do not generate income, you are just investing your time to later obtain money. But not before.

The good:  once the course or program is created you can automate it and sell it for life. It will generate income without you doing anything else.

I tell you an incredible example of how to make money with a blog:

My colleague took several months to create an online course. In this course, he tells you how to validate and implement an idea so that you can be successful with your blog and launch it in less than 30 days.

He had to make an index with all the topics to be discussed and then record videos explaining the step-by-step of each section.

He also had to create worksheets to facilitate the start-up of the students and set up the digital platform from which to sell. And then he also worked on automating the course.

He sold hundreds and got many of the buyers to become affiliates to distribute his course for a commission, as I do.


He has spent months traveling the world with the income generated from this masterful info-product. While he was traveling, and even today, he continues to sell through his blog and his affiliates. You have a steady stream of income doing nothing.

You only have to worry about receiving the money through PayPal and paying your affiliate programs when appropriate.

What is cool?

If you are worried about not knowing how to create a blog to earn money, do not miss a post from Ángel. It is all a crack.

Examples of info products: eBook, audiobook, video course, online training, template or plugin for WordPress, software, etc.

If you want to store, distribute and sell your own products, from an ebook to a course, I recommend  SendOwl. It also helps you to have affiliates who sell your products and thus maximize your sales.

6. Webinars

Do you want to know how to blog and make money without having to sell products?

If advertising, affiliation, or the sale of an info-product does not seduce you, nothing happens. There are more ways.

One of them is to monetize through webinars.

Call it video conferencing, lifestream, or web conferencing. Is the same.

It consists of offering knowledge through live video. Attendees, upon payment, can access the online room where you are going to present your “conference” in front of the computer.

All you have to do is prepare 3 things.

The first thing is to write a script on a specific topic. Then you create a PowerPoint or similar presentation. Another option is to do the tutorial by browsing from your screen without having to create a said presentation.

And finally, a landing page to advertise and sell this training.

What is a landing page?

It is made with a service specialized in these sales pages called LeadPages.  I recommend using it if you have money in the future and want to invest in excellent service.

In the beginning, the webinar is presented until you see the face of the teacher. Then the view of the screen is changed and you see the explanation step by step. Finally, the assistants ask questions. Simple as that.

I give you another idea on how to make money with a blog combining it with a webinar.

What you do is record the live webinar. Then you just have to convert it to MP4, MOV, AVI, or any other type of video format and distribute it as a training pill. You have just created an info product to generate passive income.

That is, you sell your explanation again although now it will be at a lower price. The good thing about a live webinar is that after the end there is a round of questions among the attendees.

A second option to make money blogging through this method is to offer a free webinar on a specific topic. Then, at the end of this, you sell a complementary paid product on the same theme.

This works very well because if you do it great, people see you as an expert in the topic you just developed, you add value for free and they trust you.

A percentage of the attendees will want to pay you to know more.


” Free Webinar on Facebook Ads “. At the end of this, they sell you a paid course called ” 3 proven techniques to double your income with Facebook Ads in a week “

7. Membership

Another way to make money from a blog on the internet is to create a membership site. It is about creating a private community that you have access to by paying a prior fee. This can be monthly, yearly, or whatever you want.

This community can be developed on a specialized online platform. It can also be a private Facebook or Google+ group that you create yourself.

In the latter case, you are the group administrator and you have to be in charge of giving access to the members after checking the payment.

Imagine that you sell access to your private tribe for 10 euros a month. If every month you have 10 people who pay for this, the first month you get 100 euros.

But after a year you would have 120 people who pay 10 euros = 1,200 € each month. A good salary, or not?

Obviously, to maintain this growth rate and avoid the casualties of the people who are inside, you will have to provide very good knowledge, more than that, excellent.

But if you are an expert on a topic, it can be a very powerful way to earn money with a blog.

7.1. Mastermind

It is a variation of the membership site. If in this we aspired to have a lot of people and grow month by month, not in a mastermind.

  • Master = Master
  • Mind = Mind
  • Mastermind = Master Mind

A mastermind consists of a small group of people, between 3 to 6, who have complementary knowledge on a subject. They meet regularly to pass on ideas and information to each other. Sometimes there is the mastermind who organizes, moderates, and directs these sessions.

In this way, the group progresses much faster than if each project were developed individually.

How do you translate this into a way to make money from your blog?

Very easy. Sell ​​masterminds sessions to your former clients or to your subscribers.

In my case, I am going to offer a free mastermind to the 3 people I accepted to work with me in the Mentoring service. They will have the floor and I will be the moderator.

My 3 clients and I will have monthly meetings in which each one will share their progress, discoveries, achievements, and failures with the rest. In this way, everyone learns from everyone, including myself.

I could also offer my blog auditing clients a complementary mastermind service (at € 47 for example). So those 4 or 5 people and I would share the successes developed and we could continue working together.

It is an excellent method to make money with a blog and work at the same time Networking between:

Your clients and you.

Your own clients among themselves.

8. Generation of indirect income

When you have an online platform, over time business opportunities and collaborations that you had not foreseen emerge.

Sometimes you can look for them yourself, like developing a new idea or product. Or you can ask someone to develop it and sell it together.

You will also see that other fellow bloggers will contact you for this, for promotions or to know what.

The point is that when you have good visibility, opportunities arise that can generate extra income. They do not come directly from your platform, but they do find you through your blog.

8.1. Works for third parties

Once you have developed a strong virtual presence, third parties may want to hire your work.

For example, 4 and a half months after opening Traveler Intelligence, Franck Scipion offered me to be the administrator of his Knowmadas DIY Entrepreneurs Podcast.

Since it is a project that I love, I accepted and since then I have worked with him to bring this podcast forward.

I was his client and now he is my client. We both buy each other’s time.

8.2. Conferences

It is another variant of how to make money with your blog without having to sell products. The key to this system is that you position yourself as an expert in your sector.

Your blog will be the one that will help you achieve it. Little by little, and thanks to the value you contribute with your content, you will gain visibility and your name will begin to be heard.

At that moment is when you can consider giving lectures.

You have two options:

1. Organize them yourself.

Conferences, seminars, face-to-face courses, etc. I have attended two and I highly recommend them.

Since the guy is very good at what he does, everyone fills up and he could live off this if he wants. But since he is restless, he walks in a thousand other things.

2. Be invited and paid to give one anywhere in the world.

For example, Enric Corbera, since he is an innovative beast, is constantly invited to dozens of countries to give talks on his specialty: bio decoding.

In his videos, you can see him speaking from Peru, Cuba, Spain, Chile …

9. Podcast

Another way to make money from a blog is to include a podcast section, and eventually monetize it.

The Podcast consists of the distribution of audio files through an RSS distribution system to which you can subscribe through a program (iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, among others) and offer the user the possibility of downloading these files.

They are mostly audio, but they can also be a video or a combination of both.

If we go to the Yankee scene (obviously they do everything a thousand times better in entrepreneurship issues) there are many podcasters who live, and very well, from this.

10. Vlog

A complement to your blog can be a video blog or as it is known in the geek world: Vlog.

The vast majority of Vloggers are on YouTube since this is the world’s largest search engine (video theme) with the permission of Google.

The famous “YouTubers” can earn astronomical figures.

Here is the Spanish-speaking Top10 in which the millions of dollars each one earns are detailed:

How to make money with a vlog?

On YouTube you make money through advertising, there are two ways:

  • Adsense: I already mentioned it at the beginning.
  • Networks: large companies that manage the advertisements of their channels and that of their partners. Vevo is one of them. It sure sounds familiar.

The quality of the ads in the latter is usually better, however, each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore the earnings vary greatly from the advertising companies and the percentage of clicks that there are on your videos.

YouTube also takes into account the quality of the video. It values ​​it according to the number of minutes the viewer spends watching the video. Therefore, not only the number of visits is taken into account, but also their quality.

Earning money with YouTube is not easy. Get to have a decent salary much less.

But if you are lucky and you are uploading videos week after week, perhaps over time, you can have income complementary to what you earn through your blog.

However residual they are, something is better than nothing.

I have contacted a YouTuber to tell me first-hand his income.

To give you an idea, he earns on average about 90,000 monthly reproductions about 50 euros (and has more than 100,000 subscribers). You earn more directly, but the company that pays you for the ads keeps a percentage of your gross profit.

Fucked, but not impossible.

If you are interested in delving into this topic I recommend the book: How to Succeed on YouTube.

You also have a piece of post from Berto and Raquel, the Citizen 2.0 companions, which can help you complement the information that I have left you: What is YouTube, how does it work and what can it contribute? 

10 + 1. Other Techniques To Make Money From Blogging

In this section, I am going to name several methods to make money with a blog that is not common or that are combinations of some of the previous ones.

I will also include the most outstanding and interesting ones that come through the readers, so if you have one that works and I haven’t named it, you can put it at the end in the comment thread.

If you are still not sure how to make money with a blog, get ready. This is for sure.


Through PayPal, you can insert a type of button called “donation”. To get to know it better I leave you more info about this here.

Just by inserting a code in your sidebar, you can get your readers to give you their first euros. The truth is that in the Hispanic market this does not work very well. You will hardly receive a few euros as a “thank you” for your free content, so it is not the best monetization technique.

However, it is a model with which you can see how your first income comes in.

Freemium model

It means offering part of your content for free and part for payment. You do this through subscriptions to access more features and/or exclusive content.

For example, you do a tutorial like this on how to find the cheapest flights. For those who want to complete the information, you offer a paid video tutorial on YouTube. You can also offer a consultation with you to teach hand in hand the best tricks that you have not put in the post.

I don’t like this method and I always separate free content from paid content, but there are people who use it, and sometimes it works very well.

Sell ​​your blog

There are people who have specialized in this way of making money from blogging.

First, you create it, then you grow your traffic to make it attractive to a buyer, and finally, you sell it.

It may also be that you have generated a profitable portal but that you no longer feel like continuing with it. Or you want to sell it because you simply want to buy time for new projects.

Portals for the sale of websites:

  • Flippa
  • Beta Forum
  • Sell ​​my website

Niche Pages

This is a typical model to monetize your blog with advertising or affiliation. It is not the only one but perhaps the most common and the one that works best to automate these two topics.

What is a niche page?

It is a web page that offers content on a very specific topic, the more specific it is, the better.

Normally they have few articles, 12 or 20, that they try to position in the first pages of Google with Long-Tails. This way you get organic traffic to get free visits.

You can learn about this method here: Niche Pages. Live to the fullest.

Examples of Niche Pages:

It is the best-known way to earn money with visits or traffic. If you like or master SEO, creating niche pages will be very attractive to you.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Now that you know all these ways to start monetizing your blog, I leave you with the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them so that you can decide which is the one that best suits you, your project, and your philosophy. There is no better or worse, it all depends on your aspirations and interests.

Yes, it is true that some readers have asked me about how to create a free blog and make money with it.

Although you can start with a free blog, I do not recommend it since it will limit you a lot.

That it does not seem like an inconvenience to start with. The investment to be made is small and the benefits are many.

What method do you use that I have not named?

For me, the essential thing is to combine all possible techniques to diversify income, since if any of them fail you, you have others that support these losses.

Now tell me some of the ways that I have left in the pipeline and that you are applying to earn money with a blog. 

Instead of taking a low-paying job as an architect, I designed Traveling Intelligence, became a digital nomad, and began leading a minimalist life.

I have traveled the world for 1,013 days with Cris, my girl, and then a walk through Africa for almost 3 months. I have fulfilled my dream of living traveling and now I decide where I want to work from. In total, I have visited 84 countries and if you want, you can listen to my adventures and those of other travelers in my travel podcast.

Are you interested in living a freer life and escaping from the routine?

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