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After getting a huge response Today I elaborate on how to make money from YouTube. You will be happy to know that YouTube is now a popular trend as well as the best platform to make money online quickly. But for this, you need a proper guideline.

From this platform, many people earn more than $1000 each month whereas some are totally ‘0’ even they tried their best.

But, why?

Firstly, they do not get the proper guideline or do not follow it.

Secondly, they try to make money quickly.

Thirdly, lack of  SEO knowledge.

That’s why they failed. In this article, I will give you an official instruction to make money from YouTube. Just follow my steps with patience and surely you will be successful YouTuber. So, let’s dive into the money.

What is YouTube?

For common people, YouTube is the video watching website.

But, for a professional, it is more than that.

YouTube is a website for hosting videos that a user can upload, evaluate, watch, like, dislike, comment, and share.

It was created by three former employees of PayPal in the year of February 2005 named Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim.

Videos can be viewed by all user, while only registered user can upload in an unlimited way.

Any registered user can make comments and evaluate (Like or Dislike) videos.

Each channel has a subscribe button and a user can get updates or notification by subscribing that channel.

YouTube has a reporting option too.

If you do not like or irritate with an unwanted video you can report it to the authority.

They will review your report and take initiative within shot time.

That is YouTube, a user-friendly video sharing platform for everyone where one can not only enjoy the videos but also make money easily from home.

How to be a YouTuber?

To make money from YouTube you have to be a YouTuber or content creator.

Do you know how to become a youtuber?

Don’t worry we will give you the guideline.

At first, you have to create a YouTube account. Then follow my instructions.

Ok, let’s start.

Training on Computer and Internet

To be a YouTuber at first you should have basic knowledge of work environment, production, content management, content idea, content making, etc.

You can get this by taking the computer and internet training.

Training on Video Editing

A YouTuber should have knowledge about video editing. Because it can help you to make a video more attractive.

Training on Audiovisual

If you want to become a good YouTuber then you should have a basic concept about audiovisual.

Audiovisual is the relationship between audio and video.

It is said that video quality fully depends on audio quality.

So, you should have at least a basic idea about audio and video quality.

Learn about community management

If your video becomes viral, then it will get more engagement, like, comments, share, and subscriber.

That means a community will be created.

From my point of view, you should have community management knowledge.

Its missions are,

• identify when it is better to publish the video on social networks,

• analyze the views of videos,

• respond to messages and many more.

Learn about decoration

YouTube channel decoration is an important task.

If your channel is well organized then viewers feel more attraction and visits again & again.

A channel should have a unique profile and cover picture.

You can link your social site with your YouTube channel.

Also, you can create a playlist for the audience.

Well Trained in marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising is the heart of a YouTube channel.

If you do not have any concept about it then you will be unable to drive more traffic in your video.

To get more traffics and views, you must know about marketing and advertising.

I will discuss it soon. So, don’t be panic.

How To Get YouTube channel ideas

Before starting video marketing most of the people are facing a problem with channel ideas.

I would like to say that before starting to make a video,

think about yourself, try to find what you can do and what is your interest?

This is simple.

But if you do not want to think then you can follow mine below ideas.

✌ Start a Vlog with a camera or mobile phone

✌ Tour Video

✌ Inspirational Video

✌ Review Something (Gadgets, Game, Songs, Movies, phone, laptop etc.)

✌ Make a Tutorial (Computer or phone tips and tricks, Learning course etc.)

✌ Create Math Tutorials

✌ Produce Puzzle or Riddle Video

✌ Show Magic Tricks

✌ Health Tips Video

✌ Talk About Favorite Sports

✌ Tribute Favorite Players

✌ Talk About the Favorite Actor/Actress

✌ Biography Video

✌ Make a Comedy Video

✌ Parody of another Video

✌ Make Short Film

✌ Make Prank Video

✌ Craft Making Video

✌ Life Hack Video

✌ Make a Reaction Video

✌ Sing a Song

✌ Footage Collection

✌ Explore a Game In-Depth

✌ Discuss News

✌ Show Off How to Cook a Family Recipe

✌ Discuss the History

✌ Animated video

✌ Make cartoon video

✌ Playing with Toy video

✌ Answer Unique Questions

✌ Religious video and

✌ Give advice

How to create a YouTube channel?

1. Go to YouTube

youtube sign in

2. Click on ‘Sign In’ and enter your Gmail account and password.

youtube sign in form
3. Click on circle image and then setting.

youtube settings
4. Click on ‘Create a new channel’

Create a new channel
5. Write your channel name and click ‘Create channel’

Create channel

How To Verify YouTube account with a phone?

1. ‘Sign In’ your YouTube channel.

2. Click on the profile picture

3. Click on ‘Creator Studio’

Creator Studio

4. Click on Channel and ‘Status and features’.

Status and features

5. Click on ‘Verify’ blue button.

6. Select your country and write your phone number then click ‘submit’.

phone Verify
7. After sometimes you will receive a verification number through text message.

8. Insert your code and click on ‘Submit’.

mobile verification code

How To Setup a YouTube channel

1. To Customize your channel click profile picture and the ‘My Channel’

Customize youtube channel

2. Click on ‘Add Channel Art’ blue button to set channel art. Image size should be 2560 x 1440 pixels.

add channel art

3. You can write something as channel description.

Channel description

4. Now clock on Gear icon. Make on all option and click on Save.

Now you can see the YouTube menu.

YouTube menu

5. Connect your social site with your channel. Click on about > Link > Add > Write Title > Write URL > Done

channel social icon

Video Making for YouTube

I have already given you some video making ideas.

You can follow that or discover your self-talent.

But most of the YouTubers face video making problem.

Most often I face a question, which software we can use for video editing?

I recommend them, use Camtasia, which is the best to me.

You can also use Adobe Premiere Pro and  Adobe After Effect etc.

One secret should be remembered, as much as the videos are attractive and beautiful, the engagement will be increasing.

More engagement means, quick rank on the search engine or YouTube.

Try to give video’s a professional look along with a nice intro.

Attractive videos have a great opportunity to make money from YouTube quickly and higher.

My advice is, try to keep video duration short (for general video maximum 10 minutes) because most of the visitor feel boar on the long video.

But, depending on the niche it can be longer.

How to upload a video to YouTube?

It is very easy to upload a video to YouTube.

Just follow mine below instruction.

1. ‘Go to YouTube and Sign In’ using your email and password.

2. Click on the video icon on the top right side. Then Click on Upload Video.

upload youtube video

3. Click on the upload button and Select your video.

youtube upload button

4. After finishing upload write attractive title and description. Insert some tags. Make your video as public.

youtube seo

5. You can keep your video into a category. Which is called “Playlist“. Click on “Add to playlist” then select your created playlist.

6. You can select your custom thumbnail.

After uploading your video, you will see three suggestion from YouTube under the Tags area.

If you cannot make a choice from them, then you can upload a custom thumbnail.

7. Finally, click on “Publish” blue button on the top.

That’s it.

YouTube Custom Thumbnail

The custom thumbnail is the unavoidable task for a YouTuber.

Think, you go YouTube.

Before playing any video, what you mainly consider?

There are many videos on YouTube about the same topic.

But why you play that video?

The main reason behind this, attractive thumbnail.

Because after landing the YouTube, instantly, you cannot watch any video rather you see a picture of the videos.

This picture is called a thumbnail.

A beautiful thumbnail is always attracting the visitor. And create a chance to get more viewers for your video.

Considering the fact, your video thumbnail should be more attractive.

For your kind information, do not use any fake thumbnail for your video.

Although initially it is beneficial but may be in danger for later.

A visitor can report your video. You may be suspended from YouTube. AdSense may be disabled.

So, for a long time earning you should be honest.

Some Tools for YouTube


TubeBuddy is a web browser extension.

It supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

This is free but you can upgrade your account to a paid license to get advanced features and functionality.

Most of the popular YouTuber use this extension.


VidiQ is another popular extension. After installing you will be astonished.

Tag analysis:

Keyword tool, Kparser, and ubersuggest can generate a tag for your video.


Fotor helps you to make an attractive thumbnail.

Title generator: 

Headline Generator and Answer The Public tool can help you to get the attractive title.

Bird Song Analytics: 

Bird Song Analytics helps you to get information from your competitors best time and day to upload to get like and comments. How video duration affects viewing figures and engagement. Most used words in captions, etc.


DrumUp helps you schedule your video for sharing to your social media with one click of a button. Using your channel RSS feeds, you can distribute your videos to multiple social media channels on a semi-automated channel.


Cyfe is the premium tool but you can use the free version. It is the most effective way to monitor your YouTube channel progress and each stats for an individual video.

YouTube SEO

Finally, if anyone wants to make money from youtube he must know about youtube SEO.

Because without SEO it is not possible to rank on youtube.

Many people go to Google to search, Youtube is not left behind. It is the second largest search engine in the world.

And it is a good idea to try working on Youtube to earn money if you have cool content to share.

Anyway, now I am giving you some tips about YouTube SEO which will be very helpful for your YouTubing.

1st Step: Find Video Keyword

What is video keyword?

This is nothing more simple, just search the Google for your keywords and look Youtube result on the 1st page.

This is video keyword.

Example- blogger tutorial.

video keyword

In general, Google returns video results for this kind of keywords:

  • How to and Tutorials
  • Reviews and the best
  • Sports or humorous video.

If you create any video with a keyword that does not have a video result in Google, then you will get visitors only from YouTube, not from Google.

This is not bad, but why do not you benefitted both sides?

You can use Google Keyword Planner to get video keyword Idea.

Take such keywords which monthly search volume minimum 300.

After selecting keyword you can check on Google by searching, is this video or general keyword.

Practice can help to find the right video keyword. Therefore, try to take both benefits by placing video keyword.

2nd Step: Make Quality Video

There is no alternative to making a quality video.

This is the first priority to rank on YouTube.

Quality video always ensures more visitor engagement.

If you want to make money from YouTube then you must have to ensure quality video in this competitive market.

Because user engagement is the most important ranking criteria.

Moreover, if the visitor does not like, comment and share your video then, Google understand, this is poor video.

As a result, your video will be losing the chance to position itself well.

To increase visitor engagement you need to-

• improve video watch time,

• visitor’s comment, channel subscriber,

• add visitors favorite videos list or watch list,

• more like and share.

Duration of your video is another fact. Try to make video minimum 5 minutes.

3rd Step: Upload Video with SEO in Mind

Video Name:

The keyword should be included in the name of the video file.

Example- If the keyword is “Learn SEO” then the video file name should be learn-seo.mp4.

This is one of the ranking factors of YouTube.


The title of your video must include one or two keywords and it must be catchy.

Do not hesitate to take an example of the first results to get an idea of the title what is best positioned.

A title should be at least 5 words with a keyword.


Your description must be at least 250 words long.

Place your main keyword in the first sentence of the description.

Put your keyword 3 or 4 times in the content. But do not do keyword stuffing.

Another very important thing, your description must be unique!

Google does not like duplicate content, YouTube either.

You should avoid copying the same description in each of your videos.

Google and Youtube are infinitely clever, there is no doubt. But not enough to listen to your videos.

So help them understand your video topic.


Tags are not very important ranking factors but it helps indirectly.

Mainly, it helps to classify your videos on Google and Youtube. Thus suggest users as ‘Video Suggestion’.

So you can put 5 to 10 tags for your video, along with the main keyword.

Ways to Make Money on YouTube

There are many ways to make money from YouTube.

The most popular way is Google AdSense.

After completing 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribe you will be eligible to apply for Google AdSense.

After reviewing channel Google will approve your request.

When you enable your monetization option, some ads will be shown on your video during watching.

There are three types of YouTube ads.

In-Stream ads play on the YouTube video during playing.

In-Display ads appear in the top right sidebar.

Both In-Stream and In-Display video ads can be any length.

In addition, skippable ads appear before playing video or sometimes during playing and after 5 seconds you will see “Skip Ad” option to skip the video ads.

Another way to make money from YouTube is affiliate marketing.

You can use your YouTube channel for the affiliate program.

If your video is about product review then it will be easy to make a sale.

Just keep your affiliate link into the description box, if your visitor like your product then advise them to see you affiliate link in the description box.

When a user buys the product through your affiliate link you will get 5-8% selling commission.

This is another great way to make money online.

The third way to make money from YouTube is direct product selling.

If you have any visual product then you can use your YouTube for marketing purpose.

Just make a video regarding your product. Publish on YouTube and wait for a sale. This is very simple.

How to get views on YouTube fast?

If you want to make money from YouTube then you need to increase YouTube video views.

Without views, it is not possible to earn money.

I know everybody wants a quick view.

But is it really possible?

Sometimes possible and sometimes not.

I am going to reveal the truth.

Before starting YouTubing you need to set up your mind and consequently make a plan including which types of video you are going to make and how to get more views.

Considering those factors you have to create and join video related different social media group such as the Facebook group.

If you share your video on social media then it gains a huge possibility to get views.

Read my below tips to get views.

Video Tags:

Using suitable tags for your video is an effective way to get quick views.

You will be astonished to know, depending on tag your video can be viral.

On the other hand, whenever you play a video on YouTube then you see some suggested video. Most of the time you play from there.

Also, your video can be suggested for another video depending on your tags.

So, Tag and keyword analysis should be done carefully.

Google AdWords:

Adword is the paid method to get quick views. You can start a campaign to get views.

Facebook boost:

You can boost your video on Facebook.

Website Embedding:

If you have a popular website then you can embed your video on it to get a quick view. 

Sharing on social media:

If you connected with Facebook group or page, twitter, Google plus group, Tumbler, Reddit, etc. then you can share your video following their rules to get a quick view.

Summary to Make Money from Youtube

  • Create a youtube channel.
  • Customize your channel.
  • Upload quality videos.
  • Make concentration on title, description, tags, and thumbnail.
  • Share your video on the social site (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, etc)
  • Apply for Google Adsense or choose another way to make money from youtube.
  • Keep Continue your video uploading.
  • Then Enjoy.


Finally, from my point of view, YouTube is the best platform to earn money from online. Anyone can start this business. No need to be overly talented. I know some YouTuber who’s monthly earning more than $50,000. Can you imagine?

So why not you?

Just need to take proper action. I wish your happy YouTubing. If you have any query, don’t hesitate to make comment.

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