12 Ways Of Productivity Improvement That Can Drive You Super Fast

How to increase productivity is a very common question. Especially for those who are engaged in the professional platform. But the answer to this question is a mystery. Finally, the secret of productivity improvement is revealed.

I have a query before going to the prime story. Why are you here?

If you know the answer then you are spending your time in a productive way. And if you do not know that means you want to spend time in a constructive way.

Anyway, the ultimate reason is productivity improvement. It is very necessary to know how to increase productivity in the work for your success.

No doubt, time is very important. We all understand that we should make this time more profitable at our workplace. Many of us know a lot. We roaming with many ideas. But they remain unreal. One of the reasons for that we can not manage the time. Our lifestyles are behind that deficient.

  • We are not organized.
  • Use Facebook at the office and work on the holidays.
  • Our morning started with doing less productive work and want to do the most important task in the condition of being tired.

And because of all this, we can not work according to the full potential.

There was a time when people used to spend more than 1 hour in order to save some money, and now people spend some money so that some time can be saved. Because time is money. So to be successful in a profession, you need to know how to use time correctly.

We got only 24 hours a day. Hence, we should spend every second properly. There are two ways of productivity improvement. Either, work overtime or more work in a short time.

Being more productive at work isn’t advanced technology, though, it can require being more calculative about how precisely you manage your time and effort. Read this instructive article and find out more about how to increase productivity at work.

Practice To-Do List

If you decide today what to do tomorrow, then you can make your time very productive. When you see what I have to do today, there is a self-pressure to finish the work. Which helps to maintain and increase the workflow.

I would like to share some of my own experiences. As an SEO professional, I have to maintain multitask within a limited time. Here is some example-

You know, all the tasks are very boring and time-consuming. And most importantly, all work has to be done within a specific time period. Besides this, I have to do other works as well.

What is the secret of doing all the tasks in time accurately?

I maintain the To-Do list. At the beginning of the day, I create the work schedule and note them in a diary. By any means, finish them according to the plan. It has four incomparable benefits.

  1. There is no chance of forgetting any work.
  2. There will be no pending work.
  3. The tasks will end at certain times.
  4. Increase work productivity.

There are many free tools for using the To-Do list. For a basic list, you can use any one of them, but I have used the following free tools and I feel quite useful to me.

Break The Continuation

What kind of talk is it?

Surely you think, I’m crazy. Everyone says to keep consistency and this man says to break! It sounds absurd, but taking regular breaks help to concentrate on work and result in productivity improvement.

Some research shows that during a long working, a small break supports you to keep up a consistent level of execution while working on an assignment without breaks causes a solid drop in performance.

We all love to sleep. But, if you are asked to sleep for twelve hours without interruption, do you feel good? Surely not.

We also become boring to do our favorite activities without break. And to drive away this boredom requires a break. A small refrain will refresh you absolutely. It makes an interest in working with new intonation.

Now surely you think about the break, isn’t it?

Don’t worry. Let’s reveal you a few tips. Apply this randomly.

  • Get up from the chair. Take a little walk. Poke your colleague. See, he’ll refresh you. How to give it is a mystery. But, work it sure. Try it once.
  • A cup of coffee or tea will make you energized. So go to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee by yourself & take it. This will refresh you and help to grow attentiveness in balance work.
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You can create any kind of activity by yourself that will release you from boredom.

Calculative Use of Social Media

Without social media, we can’t find our existence on the internet.

→ The number of people who use Facebook is over 2.01 billion (Source: Facebook 7/26/17)

→ Total Number of Monthly Active Twitter Users is 328 million (Source: Twitter).

→ LinkedIn has 500 million users worldwide.

So, why we avoid it? Actually, we don’t. We are smarter than before. Our morning begins with checking Facebook notification. Then email.

The use of social media during work interrupts productivity. In a whole day’s work, countless times we enter Facebook. Which hampers work and finally reduce our efficiency.

For any reason, once logged in to Facebook, it is seen that an hour has passed silently. Which is not acceptable at work at all.

I did a research, if one thing goes into the head through social media it’s hard to concentrate on work. I’m not saying that it’s bad to use them. I recommend using only within a certain range at the time of work.

Do Not Work With Reluctance

It is very important to find charm in work. If someone asks me what do you do for productivity improvement? I say a word, I never work against in my mind. I do not work with suspicion. Try to find happiness in the work. So when and how my work is done, I can’t understand! Moreover, sometimes I’m surprised myself!

Let’s talk about an incident. You know very well that I have email marketing service. Once for one of my clients, I had to find out lots of email address from a pdf file of about 200 pages and enter them into an Excel file. Time is just 4 hours.

Only those who have the similar work can be able to understand how much annoying that task. However, since I gave the word I have to do the job within a certain time either it is pleasing or not.

The first thing I was did, I inspected the entire 200 pages at a glance. I set a target that I will input certain data within one hour. If I can, I will give myself a “sweet smile” and if I can’t, I will give myself a “punch”. Much like racing games. If you can reach within a certain time, you will be rewarded otherwise loss.

Got fun. Whatever the target must be met. In this way, when that boring work is done joyfully I could not understand.

So I tell everyone, there is a fun in every work. You have to find out in your own way. Only then, your productivity improvement reaches an optimum level.

Small or Big, Celebrate Success

Any achievement either small or big, always encouraging. If you get big success, celebrate it. I’m not saying to celebrate with everyone at the office. Celebrate it by treating yourself.

In the same way, do not forget to celebrate even if you get a small success. These will boost your work speed.

Motivate Yourself

Motivation is the key factor in productivity improvement. No doubt, Lionel Messi is the best football player in the world. Still, he needs a coach. The purpose of saying this is that we need a guide to lead ourselves.

On some days, the excitement may be missing. If so, make an effort to refuel it. Get a keen vibe by hearing a podcast or watching an inspirational video or by reading a publication or blog for 30 minutes created by somebody who is enthusiastic.

Avoid Meetings

A meeting is a common practice in every profession. It is true that sometimes meetings are needed. But in most cases, I have found that there is nothing fruitful in the meeting. Important times are wasted unnecessarily. Moreover, additional preparations are required to attend a meeting. Which causes work interruption.

Personally, I do not like traditional meetings at all. If it is very necessary, then I do web-based meetings. It plays an effective role in productivity improvement by consuming less time.

For that reason, before going to your next meeting, think twice whether the meeting is useful for you.

Understand Work Priority

Sometimes, it seems that a lot of work has been employ in one day. Can’t understand which one has to do or not. In this case, what I do that will share you.

I stopped all the work and kept quiet. Try to understand with a cold head, which works is more urgent.

I’m sure you agree with me that the importance of all work is not equal. There are some tasks that can be done after 2 hours. Similarly, some work needs to be done within half an hour. Considering the priority I make a list and under any circumstances, I follow it. So that, my work completeness automatically gain.

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Basically, it is very important to move forward according to the job priority. Otherwise, you cannot finish work even after working all day. As I said earlier, you did the job which is needed after 2 hours later keep idle a job which is needed within half an hour.

Will it be effective? No.

Although you worked hard the result is almost zero. So, understand the work priority will boost up your work efficiency.

Task Segmentation, The Secret of Productivity Improvement

There are many advantages to do a job by dividing it into smaller segments. Consequently, the big assignment doesn’t seem bigger. Human brain always creates disinclination against an unlikable task. Without any reason, a negative idea is created in his mind. And finally, hamper the output.

Some tricks can gear up the adaptability. You can follow the plot to realize productivity improvement.

The bigger task should be divided into smaller sections. Set a target time to complete each segment. You will go to the next only after completing the first target. If necessary, take a 2-minute break between two parts. It has a lot of benefits.

  • The bigger task will seem smaller.
  • Target completing tendency will be created.
  • The boredom will fade away.
  • Fear to do big things can be minimized.
  • Working habit at the appointed time will be created.

For that reason, task segmentation can be your secret of productivity improvement at the workplace.

Take Time To Recharge

In order to avoid the unwanted effects of persistent stress and burnout, we need time to recharge and come back to our pre-stress level of working.

This healing process requires “switching off” from work by having time frames when you are neither taking part in work-related activities nor contemplating work.

That is the reason it’s important that you cut off every now and then, in a way that fits your necessities and inclinations. Don’t let your vacation times go to waste. When possible, dedicate some time off to relax and loosen up, so you get back to work feeling refresh and available to perform at your very best.

When you’re unable to dedicate some time off, get an instant lift by turning off your smartphone and concentrating your attention on non-work activities for some time. Or tell your very next colleague “Charge Me”. He’ll do something like poke you or tell a funny story or an Adult Jokes, which will remove your stress.

Talk To Your Superior

Healthy employees are usually more productive, which means that your boss has a driving force to make a workplace that improves staff well-being.

Begin by having an open discussion with your chief. The goal of this is not to construct a set of complaints, but instead to create a powerful plan for handling the stressors you’ve discovered, so you are capable of doing your very best at work.

While a few parts of the strategy might be intended to enable you to enhance your abilities in areas such as time management, different components may include recognizing employer supported well-being assets you can take advantage of, getting necessary resources or support from colleagues, enriching your task to include more difficult or meaningful duties, or making changes to your physical workspace to make it convenient and reduce stress.

Utilize The First Part Of The Day

According to research the most productive time for people is two to three hours after wake up in the morning. From the beginning of the day, it is also possible to forecast how can it be today.

So we should always focus more on morning time. When we wake up, we should do the most important thing that is “day plan”. Keep distracted materials as far as possible. We should make a plan before sleeping at night, what will we do tomorrow day long.

You will feel better about yourself and feel less inward conflict towards making a move and accomplishing more things for whatever remains of the day. It will help you to increase productivity.


Stop now.

Already you have learned a lot about productivity improvement. I think you know enough. I believe it is more important to apply than to know. We love to know but we get too lazy to implement.

It’s enough that I already described above regarding how to increase productivity. Do not delay to apply. If you have any problems, contact me. I will get back to you within 2 to 3 days.

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