Pros and Cons of Cell Phones: Will People Stop Using It?

Everybody has to know the pros and cons of cell phones as it is an unavoidable part of our daily life. Understanding the advantage and disadvantage of mobile phone technology may aware us of its use. In today’s article, we focus on the positive and harmful effects of mobile phones.

A cellular phone or briefly cell phone is a wireless telephone. It permits telephonic communication within an area which is well-defined, and includes hundreds of square miles. It uses radio waves in the 800 to 900 megahertz band. A cellular phone is otherwise known as a mobile phone.

Advantages of Cell Phones

Mobile phones are an essential part of modern life. A businessman uses his mobile phone for his important purpose, whereas a teenager uses it for recreation. People are using mobile phones on a scale of the most essential to the most recreational.

During the past few years, mobile phones have undergone most dramatic changes or development.

The development of the technology known as Wireless Technology Protocol (WTF) has added to the expansion of the sphere of mobile use.

The device connects the cell phone to the Internet. It enables the mobile user to send email and even listen to the radio. The email feature is a tremendous development in technology. It enables a businessman to contact his office round the clock. It has further popularised the mobile phone.

By using the mobile phone one can contact friends or family in case of an emergency.

Women who travel alone now feel secure.

Reduction in prices of the mobile phone has brought it down to the door of the poor. Even a day laborer or a rickshaw puller uses the cell phone these days.

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One result of too many mobile users may be that the networks have become overloaded. In that case, it is becoming extremely difficult to connect the network.

Disadvantages of Cell Phones

The disadvantage of cell phones is many.

Many parents are buying cell phones for their children. Their purpose is to two-fold. One is to satisfy the whims of their children, and another is to stay in contact with them. By doing so they are damaging the health of their children, as well as their own.

The mobile phone emits a type of electromagnetic radiation called radio frequency radiation (RFR).

RFR is damaging in two ways; thermal and non-thermal.

Thermal effects occur when RFR is observed at certain frequencies. It is converted into heat and increased tissue temperature.

The non-thermal effects are more harmful. They can occur at lower level of frequency and cause changes in the body cells. It can cause anything from loss of memory and headache to tumors and cancer. But there are disputes among the experts on this point.

Main scientists are of opinion that mobile phones cause many damages to the animal organism. Smartphone and Air Pollution Are Declining Fertility.

The location of mobile phone transmitters in residential areas or near educational institutions may harm the people of the school children.

Experts also opine that the radiation from the handset may cause sudden loss of memory. It may happen rarely, suppose one in a 5 million. Even then if it happens in case of a car driver, then he may incur accidents and loss of life of dear ones.

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Will People Stop Using It?

Now the question arises: will people stop using it?

The answer is perhaps “no”.

It will be something like smoking. Even though people know that cigarette smoking can cause many diseases, they smoke. It will, perhaps, be a similar case with the cell phone. The people will use it even though they know that it is a silent killer.

So, let us know, how did you feel after reading the pros and cons of cell phones?

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