Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G Review

Is Samsung Galaxy watch worth buying? If this question is arising your mind hope this Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G Review will guide you.

The market has been Apple’s territory since the very first smartwatch released – thanks to Apple Watch spectacular series. It has been very hard to suggest any smartwatch over it. But, if you are an Android guy/girl, then Apple Watch might seem like trash to you.

Although, Android smartwatches have no clear direction or path in which they are heading. Still, Samsung has been ruling that kingdom with its brand value and performance.

After Google has failed to create a not-so-friendly watch OS, Samsung took the matter in its own hands and came with its OS. The Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with all the new features. Big thing – it can be bought in India in a 4G LTE variant which comes in two sizes of 42mm and 46mm. You can try ordering online but, how is it in the real world?

Let’s check it out in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G review below:

Design and Display

Talking about how this smartwatch looks,

  • It is one of the most dashing smartwatches in the market and is not trying to like a gadget at all.
  • The design is robust and the watch feels premium and sturdy.
  • The rotating crown which settles around the screen creating thick bezels might not appeal to you at first. But, once you use that crown, your fingers are better off on the side bezel.
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Coming to the screen,

  • Galaxy Watch’s 46mm variant carries a 1.3-inch Super AMOLED display – bright, vivid, and colorful.
  • It packs the pixel resolution of 320 x 320 which is good – really good.
  • The top bezel also adds protection by saving your gadget from accidental knocks.
  • The display is protected with Gorilla Glass DX+ for scratch resistance. You get to see two buttons on the right and the buttons have got the rubber finish, which feels very tactile.
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Not trying to escape from the fact – this watch is huge. If you are a small-wristed person, this watch is not at all for you. Also, it weighs 63 grams – it is a big chunk that will come in your way.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G can be packed by an eSIM. It means you can leave your phone behind and still use all of your watch’s features such as calls, texts, browsing, navigation, etc. Although, Airtel and Jio are the only eSIMs providers in India. The watch performed well and took matters in its own hands with ease – when the cell phone was not carried around.


Although it is not the Galaxy Watch Active, still it is handled to capture any fitness-centric activities.

  • It is carrying more fitness features than most of the fitness trackers.
  • It can track up to 39 exercises – 6 are auto-tracked ones. These six include walking, running, dynamic workouts, cycling, elliptical trainer, and rowing.
  • You get to find a heart-rate tracker, a stress tracker, and a sleep tracker too in this gizmo. And, every tracker is doing above par!


  • Samsung has ditched the Wear OS of Google and took a bold step to create their OS – Tizen OS. It is specifically made for these watches and the hardware takes most of the advantages of this OS.
  • You can use the rotating bezel for most of the tasks like scrolling or reading a long message.
  • The software and hardware go hand-in-hand smoothly and the subtle things in the software are icing on the cake.
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Battery Life

Smartwatches need to be treated with care so that they can give you tons of juice. You have to use it wisely so that the battery doesn’t suck up the juice from one or two features only. And, Samsung Galaxy Watch has done really well in maintaining it – so that you get possible battery life.

  • If you are a regular casual user, no holdback can stop your watch from being alive for 3-4 days.
  • The watch is carrying 472mAh bulky battery which takes a little more than two hours to go from zero to a hundred.

Final Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G is titanium for Android users. It comes at a fair price, can do everything, carries sturdy plus premium design, and packs gigantic battery. Honestly, this watch is still far, far away from Apple’s Watch series. But, Apple Watches can’t go hand-in-hand with Android smartphone users. That said, Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the many options that come and rule the market. Readout information about Freejobalert via using by subscribing free of cost.

Talking about the watch now, it’s only con can be its size and it is a deal-breaker for many – by many, I mean thousands. Looking at the pros, they are many too which can win you over, period! If you are hesitant to spend a bulk on a watch and want a smaller design, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is a great alternative.

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