How to Boost Up Slow Internet Speed

I often hear a word my internet speed is slow. Honestly speaking, at the present time, slow internet speed means you are slow.

In this twentieth century, do you think a computer without internet?

In an increasingly connected world, the biting of bits and bytes is becoming more fierce among providers and the users who are the thirst for fast internet. We all like to get fast internet, and present day’s tasks are gradually becoming high level that speedy internet has become necessary.

If you are suffering from slow internet speed and constant problems in your connection, it may be time to check what is happening. After all, will it be the provider’s fault or a local network problem?

At the beginning of the article, I would like to say, I didn’t share any method of getting more speed than the speed package you bought from your internet provider. Suppose, you pay your provider for connection speed 2mbps per month, now you can not increase it by 5 Mbps in any way.

But if you do not get enough speed, suppose, you are spending money for 10 Mbps plan, but you are not getting that speed, then today’s article is totally for you. In the entire article, we will try to find and fix the possible reasons for getting slow internet speed.

So, let’s start.

When do you understand your internet speed is slow?

The long opening of the sites, the suspension of online video, the slow downloading of files, problems in online games, failures in video communication via Skype – these and similar things have to be faced with a slow Internet connection.

In this regard, users often wonder: Why my internet speed is slow? How to solve this problem?

Check a few points, test the speed of your internet, and find out what might be causing such slowness.

Wireless and wired … have any difference?

An interesting point to consider the performance difference between wired and wireless connections.

Many people wonder, is there a difference in connection speed when one has wires or not?

And the answer is yes. There is a difference.

The wireless internet provided by your router is not the same as a wired modem, which takes much more bandwidth.

The wireless internet is never able to perform as well as cable. The big difference is the transmission medium: while wired broadband currently uses copper wires or fiber optics to transfer data, wireless uses air, which greatly lowers performance.

You may have noticed that the further away your computer is from the router, the slower the connection. It’s not the operator’s fault.

Bits & Bytes … attention at the time of contracting the plan

We must remember, once again, that internet operators induce the user to deceit. You always see in advertisements that the speed is “10 Mega” only, however, they do not clarify that this value refers to 10 Megabits or 10 Megabytes.

An incredible confusion is generated when engaging the plan in front of the operator.

If you engaged a 10 Mega internet plan, how much will you be able to download per second?

10 Mega – what does mean it?

A lot of people think that they hire a download speed of 10 megabytes per second, when in fact what you have is 10 megabits per second.

And the difference is full: 1 byte = 8 bits.

Conversion contracted speed of 10 megabits, you have 1/8 that value in megabytes or 1.25 MBps.

Note that the speed of the downloads you usually do never hits the “Megas” number of the contracted plan exactly for this reason. This is called the actual speed of the connection.

Lately, some operators have used the scheme to change the speed made available to their users, i.e. there are different speeds for specific times.

This trick is interesting – for operators, of course – and is only applied in residential plans, as companies do not hire such plans. Keep an eye on that when you sign up for a broadband subscription.

Traffic Sapping

This is the name given to the amount of transferred data that an operator imposes on the user. For example, you have downloaded more than 50 GB of the internet and your connection speed is reduced.

Some carriers can perform this type of service to prevent users from overloading the connection. When it comes to hiring a broadband service, find out if the company practices this type of action.

Transfer speed

Have you been noticing that the file transfer rate (download and upload) has been decreasing lately?

A lot of reason for this issue. If you use P2P networks or are adept at torrents, keep in mind that there are several factors that slow down the transfer speed. Because the computer sends and receives data simultaneously, the Internet connection slow down – and the fault eventually comes from the provider.

Let’s go to the Internet Speed tests!

How do you understand what is your actual connection speed?

Many people trying to test by downloading files, but by downloading any files, it is never possible to calculate actual internet speed.

The file download speed does not depend only on your internet connection speed, hosting server speed also important.

Suppose, the actual speed of your Internet connection is 10 Mbps, but the server(from where you download) file transfer speed is 5 Mbps, in this case, your download speed is limited to 5 Mbps.

What is the real internet speed measuring method?

Do you want to know, is your connection speed within the contracted limit?

There are many simple, easy-to-access tools that measure the internet speed. One of the most famous is SpeedTest by Ookla. Just go to the website and click the BEGIN TEST or GO button to start the evaluation.

A speedometer will simulate speed after recognizing your IP and location on the map. The application can still identify the closest server to you to perform the tests more accurately.

  1. The first measurement is made by the ping response time.
  2. SpeedTest then measures your download speed.
  3. And, finally, upload speed.
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By completing the tests, you can still compare them by clicking the “My results” button, which helps you understand the variation of the speed of the contracted service.

Things to be considered for internet speed test

But here are some things that you need to keep an eye on. Speedtest by Ookla does not test internet speed to connect your own server. It measures your speed by connecting your connection to different servers.

When you start a speed test, the website automatically selects the best server and measures the speed.

Now it is possible that the automatically selected server is connected to LAIIX(Los Angeles International Internet eXchange; in this case, your ISP and the test server connects to a special local connection with high-speed bandwidth transfer rate) and you will never see the actual speed.

So during the speed test, different servers will be selected to run different tests.

What to do now?

Now after the speed test, if you see that your speed is absolutely optimistic, that means paying for 10 Mbps, and all tests have the same speed, so there is no reason to worry, but congratulations!

If you want, you can stop following this article here (you can start reading more cool articles).

But if you do not get the expected speed, then the problem begins. Before starting to think more deeply, I would like to say, perform speed test using different servers at different times of the day. Whenever more people use the same internet at the same time, the speed condition becomes lax.

The reasons that may result in slow internet speed

If test result at the different time in a day shows sometimes speed is optimistic and sometimes internet speed is slow, then it’s your ISP problem, they do not manage the proper bandwidth speed.

Don’t waste the time. Take the handset and dial ISP, tell your problem and fix it.

If test result at the different time in a day shows continuous slow speed then it’s time to look at many things.

In that case, you may have problems with your ISP. But before detect ISP’s problem, you have to confirm, there is no problem with your home networking system. There may be problems in your device such as mobile, tablet, PC, laptop. Due to router connection problem also have the possibility of internet speed slow down.

Let’s sort it all together and find solutions.

Test the all devises speed that is connected to your home network and observe the results. If result shows, some devices are getting good speed and some devices are getting bad speed, then there is no problem with your ISP. That devise or router to device connection has the possible problem.

Again, if the result shows that all the devices are getting slow internet speed, then your router and connection have a problem. If your home network gets good speed, but the computer does not, then you have to fix your computer speed. You have to think about both the software and hardware-based solutions.


Let’s first talk about how the Internet speed can be slowed due to your computer software?

If your computer runs on a Windows operating system, maybe Windows background processor Windows update reduces your bandwidth speed. In this case, which processes slow down the network bandwidth, you can see from the default resource monitor of Windows.

I suggest you install NetBalancer tool. You can easily monitor how much a process consume the bandwidth speed by this tool. If you want you can keep your Internet browser and download manager more prominent and limit the speed of the Windows Update process (Do not disable Windows updates, this may be threatened your computer security).


If the net monitor shows, no particular process is destroying bandwidth speed, it is necessary to change your browser. If you are still using Internet Explorer, I can assure that you are getting slow internet speed due this browser. You can use Mozilla Firefox, it is a fast browser in speed matter.

You can also use Google Chrome, but if your PC’s configuration, as well as RAM, is low then it is better not to use Chrome.

If you already using Chrome or Firefox and still feel a slow speed, then uninstall browser extensions and plugins and see whether your Internet speed is boosting.

DNS server

Your DNS server may slow down the page loading speed. When you want to enter an address in the browser, your browser first tried to find the IP address behind the domain name. The DNS server has all the domains IP address data.

If the DNS server is slow, then the browser will take more time to find the domain name IP as well as its effect on browsing speed.

If you do not change the DNS server manually, your Internet Service Provider’s DNS will set as default.

You can use Google Public DNS to get fast performance. You can easily set up custom DNS from your Windows computer’s network adapter settings (if you can not set it, comment me below, or you will get many tutorials on Google).


You applied everything above, but your internet speed is not fixed yet, then there is definitely a hardware related matter.

If you have connected the internet to the PC from the router using the Ethernet cable, see the cable category.

Have you seen something written on the cable like CAT5e or CAT6 or anything above CAT6?

If yes, then you are using the proper cable.

But, if your cable only contains CAT 5, you are of course using the wrong cable. So, change the cable right now.

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In the old computer, have possibility network card does not support high speed. For this case, go to the Windows Network Adapter settings; if you see “supported 1 Gigabit”, welcome, your network card supports Gigabit speed, but, if supported 100 megabits, your network card is old.

However, for internet connection speed is less than 100Mbps, there will be no problem with that network card.

Again, maybe your computer has correct internet speed, but your browser is delaying to load the webpage or you feel the browser has become weak, at this situation there is definitely a resource shortage in your computer.

If your computer is new, but still see this problem, it is important to upgrade RAM. In browser as many tabs, you open more RAM will be required. If the RAM is low, open tabs can crash or a page can be refreshed repeatedly. For the old computer, it is necessary to upgrade right now.

The peak hours

Reducing the speed of the Internet is a natural process during peak hours when a huge number of users connect to the provider’s network.

This moment is completely dependent on the provider. The more users it has, the greater the burden is placed on network equipment, hence the slower the Internet connection.

Number of Wi-Fi users

No matter how the equipment providing a powerful Wi-Fi access point in a home or public place, it has a limit of connected devices. And the closer the number of users to the limiting value of potential customers of such equipment, the lower the speed of the Internet, each of them can count.

A router has not distributed the internet speed always evenly among all the connected devices. It also happens that when one user swings a large file from the Internet, the second one has to wait a long time even for an elementary opening of the web page.

To ensure that none of the households are deprived of the speed of the Internet, you can purchase a router with the function of traffic distribution.

Alternatively, you can set the download speed limit for file downloads in the software loaders (download managers, torrent clients).

And, of course, you need password-protected access to Wi-Fi. For in apartment buildings, the signal of a Wi-Fi router is available to neighbors, as well as to all those who come to visit them.

Wi-Fi coverage

Each router is designed for a certain radius of the Wi-Fi zone. In some cases, you need a long radius coverage but your router is designed for a short radius.

What would you do? You can try to solve the problem with a wireless amplifier. This device is placed between the router and the computer device and serves to amplify the Wi-Fi signal.

Metal barriers and water containers which located between the router and the mobile or computer device that receives Wi-Fi signal, slow down the internet speed.

The router should preferably be placed on higher and non-cluttered surface. You can try to bring the laptop as close to the router as possible to see whether the speed of the Internet will increase.

Router Problem

After testing computer software and physical problems still, your internet speed is slow then you have to look at the router. It’s may be the cause of your slow Internet speed. The router, regardless of the specific model and manufacturer, is itself a weak link in the chain of devices for high-speed data transmission in the network.

When complaining in the support service, my internet speed is slow, the ISP staff first ask is the connection routed and if so, the standard recommendation is to turn off the router and then turn it on after 5 minutes.

When the router is rebooted, the buffer is cleared from the cached data that accumulates during the process of checking and assembling network packets.

Another frequent recommendation from the support service provider is to connect the internet without a router.

Router issues should be kept in mind

Your connection speed is fast, that means you pay for fast speed but your router is old, then upgrade the router.

Your devices are connected to WiFi, so, ensure that all the devices are getting proper radio signals. If the signal gets barrier for any reason, it will reduce internet speed naturally. Bring the devices closer to the router, and perform the speed test. If the speed increases, then there is a signal problem. In this case, buy a good router instead of existing, especially purchase a dual-band router and try to connect your devices to 5 GHz band. it will reduce the signal bandwidth, as well as get good internet speed. 

Before buying a router, you should consult with the provider. Its experts will tell you which models have proved to be the best in operation.

You can buy a signal extender for further expansion.

Are you sure that others people have not use the internet by hijacking your router? In this case, use the latest encryption system in the router, as well as in settings blacklist all the devices except your devices. So that nobody can use the internet unexpectedly. Keep router firmware updated regularly.

Time to call ISP

After following all the steps, yet speed not improve, please call the ISP and tell your internet speed is slow, because there is no problem with your home network. And if your speed is set during adopt any of the above methods, Congratulations! You increased the speed!


I came to the end of my writing. Here, I highlighted all the reasons for slow internet speed. Basically, it is difficult to identify specific causes without having a proper diagnosis. But if you follow my shown instructions you can easily find out and solve the problems.

Please let us know in the comments below, by following which steps your internet speed has increased. And, If you like this informative piece don’t forget to share with friends.

Thank you.

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