Why Should You Use Stumble Upon For Your Blog?

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine. It helps readers to find web content, web pages, photos, etc. StumbleUpon is considered as a social networking site for bloggers and web blog owners. Though Stumble Upon cannot compete with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, etc. yet the amount of traffic it receives is not at all bad.

But the most different thing about Stumble Upon is its quality. The quality of information it provides can be judged by the readers’ comments. It is the best site for blogger. It gives enormous information as compared to Facebook, Twitter. Facebook, Twitter considers to be the best when you want to collect some personal information but when it comes to reading useful content Stumble Upon is the readers first choice.

So Stumble Upon is one of the sites that you should not ignore especially when you are a regular blogger. Some Years ago, the visitor for this site exceeds the visitors of Facebook and Myspace. The guest visiting the site has definitely decreased if we consider the past record but the most important point is that it has increased quality readers and decreased trash.

Good quality readers are always beneficial to blogger as it enhances the blog by sharing and by their exclusive comments. Therefore blogger should always welcome this site as it will turn really useful in their career. Here are few guidelines to use Stumble Upon which can drive traffic to your sites.

Guidelines are quite similar to other bookmarking sites, it is easy to use. Let us note down few points which can help you to use it.

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Why Many Bloggers Use StumbleUpon – Reasons Listed Below

  • You should share a SU button on your site
  • As like other social bookmarking sites you have to register here if you are not an existing member.
  • Images always make your profile complete. Therefore use a good image in your profile.
  • Unlike another site, it provides you an option called “interest”. On the basis of your interest, it will show sites. It is a setting which you can change any time that means you can change your interest at any point in time.
  • It will give you an option to bookmark other sites of your choice.
  • Installation of Stumble Upon extension will allow you to bookmark any sites including your own sites.
  • It is advisable to bookmark only known sites not each and every available site. Bookmarking too many sites can make chaos.
  • Like other social networking, you can easily interact with members and can expand your contact list.
  • Try to make your site attractive as much as possible. The visitors judge the site on its look. Therefore the visual aspect of your site should be good enough to drive readers instantly.
  • Targeting readers is an important factor to enhance your site. You can only target your reader through the keywords. Therefore choosing an accurate keyword is important. The wrong keyword can end up with diverting focus from your target readers.
  • Using stumble upon for post is a very good idea. It will enable the blogger or website owner to analyze the interest of the readers and to develop appropriate content.

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