Top 5 Fascinating Apps To Kill Your Boredom

Are you getting bored? Want to find something to amuse yourself?

Well, here is a long list of mobile apps that can let you enjoy your time to its fullest. The great thing about smartphone invention is that it has brought users closer to using mobile applications that are now being developed with a creative flair.

The mobile apps are enthralling and enticing. From healthcare apps to on-demand services, almost every basic human need is now being catered through applications.

So, why don’t you find something that can turn your dull and mundane days into something more entertaining?

Flow Free

Flow Free is a great app based on a mind-boggling puzzle to match same color lines. In a geometric pattern, you have to match the lines and complete the puzzle. No intersecting is allowed and when all the colors are matched the maze must be filled there should not be any single empty box left. The great thing about this game is that it not only entertains kids but is a good app for adults as well. As the stages, progress the complexities increase. After getting impressed by its layout many developers of mobile app development agency Australia are now seeking out for ways to create similar apps.

Dig This!

Dig This! Is yet another amazing application. In this game, you have to dig out a route for the ball to reach the pot. It’s not that simple as the complexity will increase with every stage and there will be more hurdles in creating the path. You may have to move a rock or a block along with finding a way to divert the air pressure the rotating fans near the point will apply on the ball. The entire physics principles will be applied here. It’s a perfect game for every mobile app development agency Australia to try making it.

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For those who are missing their elementary mathematics here is a good starter. This game awakens you up and lets you brainstorm calculating the numbers correctly. You have to move the boxes and reach to the number shown at the top. However, try not to get kicked out of the game by picking the wrong box.

Bubble Wrap

Do you have the crazy obsession to pop the bubble wrap just when a new device arrives your doorstep? Well, almost everybody in their childhood had run after grabbing the wraps just to get that sweet pleasure of popping the bubbles. So, now to make sure you get that pleasure every time you crave for it, here is a great app for you. The Bubble Wrap app is light and interesting with a simple interface. It is entirely dedicated to popper. The app will give you bubbles of different sizes and shapes with their individual sounds of the burst. You will surely enjoy your time doing it.


For dedicate writers out there the app StumbleUpon is going to amuse them. If you want to spend your time enriching your vocabulary or enhancing your learning, you must get this app downloaded. The app is full of features that help you enjoy your time. You do not even have to look elsewhere for any information. You will be able to access quotes, information, statistics, and creative articles to improve your writing skills.


Do you want to annoy anyone or eager to socialize with a stranger? Here is an app right for you. AnnoyChat lets you talk, communicate via messages, and calls with random people using the same app. You can befriend and even send pictures and videos to socialize. It’s a fun app gives you a chance to interact with different people having different personalities all gathered on a single platform. So, when you are getting bored or annoyed with friends either you can annoy them or make new ones.

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Chess is not just a simple game it’s a sort of training platform that helps you learn new moves and ways to give a tough fight. Chess has a lot of features from online games to account creation where you can manage your own profile and win new achievements. You can even add your friends and double the fun by playing with them. So, there is no room left for boredom in your life.

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