How Touch Typing Influences Programming Skills

Typing can be an excellent additional skillset for programmers to excel in their careers. With the help of touch typing, you can easily meet your daily deliverables in programming. It is an advanced mode of typing where you need to use your five fingers.

It takes hours for programmers to fix minor mistakes (misplacement of a letter, comma, and hyphen) in coding. The invention of computers has made letters very powerful symbols. Programming gave a new life to letters and symbols.

When you design and develop for the web, you can use touch typing as a potent tool to create something unique without wasting time by looking at your keyboard. Keep reading to learn how touch typing influences programming in positive ways.

The Ways Touch Typing Works for Programming

In touch typing, you need to use all your five fingers and a sense of touch to identify keys without looking at your keyboard. This makes it necessary to know the keyboard structure.

Touch typing basically develops muscle memory and helps professionals in almost every sector to succeed.

Although it is not a necessary skill to be a programmer, it can help you in the long run. There are a number of online as well as offline touch typing software available in the market to help you learn touch typing.

Here are the ways touch-typing helps programmers:

Increase in Speed

When you touch type, you do not need to look at your keyboard repeatedly between keystrokes. This automatically increases your typing speed significantly.

With regular practice, you can boost your speed to more than 120 words per minute that helps you to save time in coding.

Improvement in Accuracy

To be proficient in touch typing, you need to memorize the position of every key on your keyboard.

Once you do the same, you can move your fingers easily over them.

Learning to type accurately is more important than typing fast as speed gradually improves with regular practice. Due to this, you are likely to commit the least typos.

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More Efficiency

Touch typing lets you concentrate more on the codes you type out as compared to the traditional typing process.

In coding, typos are very difficult to fix, mainly in a highly code-based programming language like Java.

As a ‘hunt and peck’ typist, you need to devote a long time to correct mistakes after every line. This is time-consuming and breaks the flow. When you improve your speed and accuracy in touch typing, it makes you a proficient programmer.

For instance, you are in the Linux command line and commit a typing error. But, you continue to write the rest command and arguments without missing the error. If you press ‘Enter’, the system will not display “Error: you made a typing error”. It will show “Unknown command” or “Unknown option”.

Most of the time, your computer will produce something unexpected output or error that will make you waste time and focus more on what you have been doing in the first place. This means bugs found early in the programming process are much easier to fix than bugs found in the output.

Better Programming Quality

During the time of coding, you do not need to think about the typing process. Your muscle memory completely takes care of touch typing.

The best thing about this advanced mode of typing is that you do not require the involvement of your brain. This frees up the cognitive space that lets you think about the programming you have been doing. When coding, you can imagine programming structure and challenges. As a touch typing expert, you can implement the techniques that help you to do programming quickly. Typing demands less effort and time, thus you can reject ideas and fix or improve coding as required.

So, touch typing can always help you to take your programming to the next level.

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Health Development

To give your best in any profession, you need to be healthy. With regular practice, you can be a healthier person. There is no need to altercate between the screen and the keyboard. You can type smoothly by looking straight ahead at the screen continuously.

When you adjust your sitting posture a little bit, you do not have to sit hunched (that causes back and shoulder pain) over the keyboard. This prevents back and shoulders discomfort that is very common among traditional typists.

When you use all your fingers in touch typing, there is the least chance of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) to your index fingers. It a health issue that commonly affects ‘hunt and peck’ typists.

In touch typing, you spend less time looking at your computer screen and get more time to focus on other important programming tasks. This typing lets you code faster and do programming as efficiently as you can.

Final Thought

Extensive knowledge of programming definitely makes you a skilled programmer. But, efficiency in touch typing gives you an edge over other programmers. The tough competition in every professional field makes it essential for you to stand out in the crowd. By nurturing your typing skills, you can fix the errors easily and be a fast programmer.

Hopefully, you have understood how learning touch typing benefits you as a programmer. So what are you waiting for? Start practicing typing to come out as a brilliant programmer.

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