11 Reasons Why You Must Use Google Docs

Currently, a remarkable number of people using Google Docs for writing. The software used to perform writing tasks in a computer is commonly called word processor software. Google Docs is such a kind of software.

After the name change, Google launched a cloud-based word processor application in 2012. Prior to its existence under another name, the popularity of Google Docs has increased since 2002. Currently Google Docs is one of the most popular Google services, and like all other Google services, it can be used for free.

Why Use Google Docs?

We already discussed – What is Google Docs? How Google Docs can be used? Let’s see today, what are the benefits and why do you use Google Docs?

Google Docs is Free

It’s completely free. This is one of the most important aspects of using Google Docs. It can be used completely free for personal needs without spending any money.

However, there is no reason to think that as a word processor, it is the only free application software.

Currently, there are many word processing applications like LibreOffice, WPS Office, TextMaker, Dropbox Paper, Zoho. Subject to some limitations, using those software writing work can be done online or offline free of charge. 

But why is Google Docs significant? 

Because there are no restrictions on the use of its features. Read the following points to know the rest.

Cloud or Web Based Applications, Work From Anywhere

From the words Web-based applications, it is clear that the web or the Internet is connected to its functions. Yes, the internet is a prerequisite for using Google Docs. You cannot install this application on your computer.

It should be used on a computer from any browser. Since it does not require installation and all files are saved online, you can use it from any computer anywhere.

Multiple Users Can Work Together

This is one of the great advantages of being an online-based software. Multiple people can work on one document at a time. It also has the ability to see which part is changing as well.

Google Docs Can Be Used Offline

Google Docs can be used offline, even when there is no internet. For this, the Google Chrome browser must be installed on the computer.

In addition, the Google Doc app can be used offline on iPhone and Android smartphones. If you want to learn more about this let us know in the comment section. We’ll publish another article on the topic depending on interest.   

Autosave Feature 

Being a web based application, it has an autosave facility by default. Even typing or cutting a single letter, it is saved immediately to Google Drive.

As a result in case of unexpected computer shut down due to load shading, malware attack or any other reason no need to worry about unsaved task loss. Even if you work offline, it will still be saved on every change.

Unlimited Storage

Documents created in Google Docs have not to file size. As a result, the documents created in it do not use Google Drive space, no matter how large the document.

So, it doesn’t consume a single megabyte from your Google Drive’s 15 GB free space.

However, if you export or download it in different formats, then the file size will be created and downloaded in that format.

No Fear of File Corruptions

Virus or malware attacks on your computer often result in files being corrupted and not being opened. For important documents, only the victim knows how painful it is. The good news is, Google Docs has no hassle like this. Because the files are saved on Google’s secure server, the chances of a virus attack are near zero.

Download in The Preferred Format

If you unlike Google Docs or seems inadequate for your work, you can download all the documents from Google Docs and work in any other word processor application. Your document can be downloaded in almost all popular formats. Notable among them are * .pdf, * .rtf, * .otd, * .docx, * .epub, etc.

Direct Search and Dictionary Facilities

When writing something important or an article, it is necessary to have different references. There is also a dictionary to know the exact meaning of spelling or words. And both of these tasks can be done very easily without changing any window at the time of writing.

Google Docs Voice Typing

Google Docs also has great features like voice typing. To do this you need to use the Google Chrome browser. Keep an eye on our website for details on how to enjoy voice typing.

OCR Can Be Done Using Google Docs

OCR is the method of distinguishing text from any image. Although there are many OCR applications online and offline, Google Docs is ahead of everyone in terms of performance.

Those who need to edit a document’s picture or for those who create e-books, the alternatives to Google Docs have not yet caught my eye.

Google docs can be used almost accurately in various languages ​​including Bangla, English.

Final Thought

Discussing all aspects of Google Docs is not possible in such a short space of time. There are many other great features of Google Docs. However, with all the great benefits discussed here, there is no such excellent free word processor like Google Doc in the market right now.

If you’ve already used Google Docs and have experience using other word processors, you can understand the truth of the matter. If you are not yet a Google Docs user, you can start using it. Hopefully, don’t despair; Also, let us know how you feel about the discussion of Google Docs.

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