What is a graphics card? How do graphics cards work?

What is a graphics card? How do graphics cards work? If this kind of question comes to your mind, this article is important to you. The graphics card will be discussed in detail in today’s article.

The word Graphics Card is most commonly known to gamers and video editors. Without a CPU, the computer can not be imagined, similarly, without graphics or video card, the picture in the monitor can not be imagined.

Not like books or in a traditional way, rather, I prefer to explain the complexities of technology through real-life examples. Therefore, this article will discuss in a very simple way with an example. And if you are thinking of buying a good graphics card at a lower price, then you can read this article.

What is a Graphics Card?

Graphics cards are also commonly known as graphics adapters, graphics controllers, graphics accelerators, or graphics boards.

According to the information provided by Technopedia, the graphics card is a display adapter contained within a computing device capable of displaying clear, accurate color and overall graphical information in the image.

Without a graphics card, your PC monitor won’t work. A graphics card is a component of a computer that connects to a computer and a monitor. Monitors connected with VGA, DVI or HDMI ports through cable. The graphics card converts the binary code of the computer to digital code. Then, indicate to monitor what kind of pictures or videos to show.

Graphics cards are capable of providing smoother images for image processing, 3D image rendering, and video games. And the graphics card has its own processor and RAM to do all this work.

Now the question may come to mind, I did not install a graphics card on my PC, then how I see the picture!

There is a built-in graphics card on your PC. With the built-in graphics card, you can perform simple tasks. However, you cannot edit high graphics videos or can’t play high graphics games. Because these tasks will not be able to process your built-in graphics card.

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After knowing the graphic card working mechanism, your concept about the graphics card will make ​​more clear.

How Do Graphics Cards Work?

The pictures you see on the monitor are made up of tiny dots of millions of pixels. An example will make the matter clear.

What is a pixel?

As a kid, I certainly played puzzles! The game objects are creating a whole picture by arranging parts of random pictures. The pixels are like the parts of the puzzle. The monitor has such many pixels. All these pixels are illuminated by different colors and then the light is created by combining different colors.

To create an image or photo on a computer, you need to decide what color it is. But the computer does not understand such color things, it only understands 0 and 1. We know 0 and 1 as binary. So, by translating this binary data, the graphics card creates a picture for us.

Creating images from binary data is a very complex process. The graphics card first creates a wireframe to create a 3D image. Then, it fills the pixels. Adds light, texture, and color to the pixels. The computer has to go through this process sixty times per second to work faster.

Think about your computer as an art department. What do you do when a person wants art from your organization? Must have forwarded the request to the Art Department. The Art Department decides how to create a picture or art. Then it has to be live. Then after the final work, they send it to the customer.

The graphics card works along with the same principle. The software sends information to the graphics card through the CPU. The graphics card determines how to use the pixels on the screen to create images. Then, this information is sent to the monitor via a cable.

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The graphics card does this by using four main components. Namely-

  1. Motherboard connection for data and power.
  2. Processor to determine what can be done with each pixel of the monitor.
  3. RAM- to temporarily hold the image in each pixel.
  4. Connect a monitor, so that the result is displayed.

Graphics Card Components


GPU is a graphics processing unit. This is the main part of the graphics card. However, the CPU has a core of 2 to 16. But in GPUs, it ranges from 100 to 1000. The main task on the graphics card is done here.


The graphics card has memory. Another name is video memory. The notable part of the graphic card memory is DDR which means double data rate. Currently, there are about 5 types of DDR. Namely-

  • DDR
  • DDR2
  • GDDR3
  • GDDR4
  • GDDR5

This DDR indicates how fast the graphics card processing data. Higher the DDR, faster the data processing.


Just as there are bios on the motherboard, so does the graphics card. The graphics card setting is saved in Bios. For example, voltage, fan speed, memory, etc. From here, gamers can increase speed and performance by overclocking like CPU.


After completing the task on the GPU it sends output to the monitor. These outputs are made up of different interfaces. The difference in interface is the difference in performance. Currently, there are three popular output interfaces.

  • HDMI
  • DVI
  • VGA

Apart from this, Heat Sync, Fan, Power Connector and many more are on the graphics card.

The Last Word

This was a brief discussion of graphics cards. If you want to add an extra graphics card to your PC, then, of course, install a good quality power supply. Otherwise, your PC will be damaged.

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