Why WordPress Is The Best CMS Platform For Every Bloggers

WordPress is the best website creating platform for both techie and non-techie people. More than 60% of websites built with this cms (Content Management System). Which indicates its popularity. In this article, we try to give an overview of why WordPress is the best CMS?

On 27 May 2003, Ryan Boren, Mark Jaquith, Matt Mullenweg, Andrew Ozz, and Peter Westwood introduced PHP script-based WordPress.

What makes it different from other CMS?

Without any coding knowledge, one can make a website within 30 minutes. So, every blogger’s choose WordPress to run their website. This makes it different from any other CMS.

Why WordPress is the best CMS platform for every blogger?

When you google which is the best CMS platform – you will find WordPress in no 1. There is definitely some logical reason.

Open Source

The best thing about WP is it’s an Open Source software. So, anyone can download it free.

Available Customizable Themes

There are thousands of free or premium WordPress themes are available. You can download any theme according to your choice. You just need to search for a perfect theme.

Plugins for Blog

Plugins are the set of written codes for adding specific abilities in WP. There are thousands of free or paid WordPress plugins available for download to add abilities which not included in WP CMS. So it’s really easy to add or remove any segment which you like or don’t like.

Easy Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WP is already 70% optimized for Search Engines. So you don’t need to worried much about SEO. By configuring some options you can make your blog 100% optimized. We have another article on WordPress SEO tips. Don’t miss it!

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Easy To Customize

WP is an open-source project so anyone can modify its codes and make it as s/he likes. There are thousands of tutorials available on the web to help you in customizing the WordPress website. Through those tutorials, you can design your blog as per your requirements.

No Coding Skills Required

Due to a large amount of customizable themes and available plugins to accommodate any specific segment, with Zero Coding Knowledge anyone can be easily created a website. It is the best feature I like most.

Drawbacks of WordPress

There are many more benefits of using WP as a CMS platform. Now its time to look at some drawbacks.

Easily Hacked

Being open-source anyone can easily download and identify its loopholes and hacked your Blog. But, it has also an easy solution. Following certain steps, one can easily protect the WordPress website from a hacker.

Final Verdict

Where there is good there is bad. Likewise, WordPress has some drawbacks, but it can be accepted in the crowd of such benefits. So, without any hesitation, I can certify WordPress is the best CMS platform for every blogger. What about you? Do you agree with the point of the above mention or have any other idea? Do share it with us.

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